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Star-tipped Magpie

The sun and the moon were bright, shining so invitingly. But when the magpie tried to steal the sun, it was burned by its flame, and when it tried to steal the moon, the moon disappeared before they could get there.
  However, with the sun set, and the moon gone, the stars were on full display. The magpie grinned and stole one star from the sky to keep in its nest.
  Tràyalià, having tracked down her star at last, marked the magpie's wing with glimmering silver to outshine the stars. Not as a gift, but so all those the magpie targeted could see it coming.
— Magpie and the Stars, old Rubefiàn folktale
  Located in the eastern foothills and the Midlands, the Star-tipped Magpie is a common bird in the area.

Basic Information


The magpies' head, chest, and neck are black with a slight metallic sheen. The belly, shoulder, and wingtips are all bright white. The white wing feathers are particularly shiny, giving rise to the name. The rest of the feathers are dark green with a slight purple gloss to them. The legs and beak are black as well.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Star-tipped magpies are incredibly smart, and one of the smartest non-magical species recorded.

Cultural Impact

Star-tipped magpies are viewed as very unlucky by residents. The most prevalent myth in the highlands is that a magpie can steal good fortune with its wings, while Midland people say that they just represent money troubles. Thieving away money, ect.

Overall, while the exact story changes, the general dislike and superstition does not.
3-4 years
Average Weight
185-285 oz
Average Length
45-47 cm
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Jul 17, 2018 00:47

I really like your theme that you have on this article! Very interesting, a bird that is rumored to steal away the luck of people. Had anyone considered using them as potential scares? Or had anyone thought to use them as a way of revenge?

Jul 17, 2018 00:49 by Mint

I think a few people do so, but mostly they're avoided. Its a little sad honestly, as the birds aren't that bad, but everyone fears them anyways. Thank you!

Jul 17, 2018 02:26 by Heath O'Donnell

These sound like amazing looking birds, and I just adore magpies (the Californian variety)! Very well written, short and to the point, with somw nice lore to go with.

Jul 17, 2018 02:55 by Mint

Magpies are beautiful so when I thought of doing a bird this challenge, I had to do one.
Thank you!

Jul 17, 2018 05:56 by Atena Luna

I like the quote at the beginning, telling a small legend of the magpie. Are they hunted or killed due to the superstition? It is sad that a pretty bird like that would be disliked due to the superstition. I think you captured the idea of the prompt perfectly. Great job :D!

Jul 17, 2018 18:51 by Mint

Mostly they're just avoided, but some people kill them too. Unfortunately, stuff like this happens in real life as well. Its really sad.
And thank you! I'm glad the legend turned out!

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I'm happy that its believable and pretty! Thank you very much!