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Outside a quaint little shop in the Urmbrek Market on Dorella...

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by Ravven
It was a long flight to the Dorella System from Tavya, but there have been longer trips. Bi-Tai insisted that this ‘Kem Jelnu’ had pieces of Jedi Link Armor that would connect with Iwa’s existing set. To ease the way, Bi sent an ancient relic to deliver to Kem Jelnu: a jade statue of a flowering vine that glowed with a faint inner light. A relic called a 'Hearthstone'.
You’re standing outside the Brass Spanner Trade and Craft in the Urmbrek Market in Nelden on the planet of Dorella. All around you there is the scent of the Dorella migrating trees outside town, roasting meat or vegetables on Dorellan kabobs, and the light odor from a spice merchant nearby.
Conversations from knots of people wandering the market fill the air, giving the area a light, relaxing atmosphere. It wouldn’t be unusual if the world of Dorella wasn’t known for considering ‘organized crime’ an honorable, and taxable, career.
The Brass Spanner seems to be another unusual aspect of Dorella. Among the food stalls, fruit stands, fishing and mining merchants… there is this small nook of an ‘antiques shop’.
That, based on the displays, sells antique armor, weapons, and more. A wide definition of the term ‘antique’ to be sure.
Inside, you see an IG series assassin droid wearing a leather apron notice you standing outside. The droid does a sharp double take, then quickly vanishes between the shelves. A moment later, a larger figure walks out the front.
As tall as a wookiee, he’s almost twice as broad in the shoulder. He’s dressed in simple clothes from work trousers, heavy boots, linen shirt to a battered vest. There is a faded patch from the Rebel Alliance over one breast pocket.
What makes him stand out is from trunk, ears, tusks and all. He’s one of the rare pachydermoid species. One of the Cragmoloid people.
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Kem walks out the front door, then steps to one side of the entrance. The man is quiet for a few seconds with his hands on his hips while he studies you with a slight frown. Then, with a slight nod, he smiles and curls the end of his trunk back in a traditional Cragmoloid greeting.
“Bright suns to you both, ladies. Welcome to my shop. How can I help you?”
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I beam at him. Not the full-wattage smile, that tends to make innocent dirtsiders wobble at the knees -- if exposed for too long, they might even spontaneously fling themselves at my feet -- but a nice medium-strength friendly smile of approval.
"Bright suns! You wouldn't happen to have your BoSS transponder and ID handy for authentication, would you?"
I would hate to start a business deal by making the delivery to the incorrect person, after all. This is supposed to help us get our own business in gear!
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I have to wonder if men are truly as easy to manipulate as Dizzy seems to think. I sigh in resignation as she jumps straight into offense. Why couldn't we browse the market first? I think we could find lots of interesting things and could gradually work our way into the actual reason we are here after all parties had a chance to test motivations. Oh well.   It was odd how that droid (who would put an assassin droid in an APRON!) reacted when he saw us. Maybe Dizzy really does have that kind of effect on others? Or maybe our dear friend Bi-Tai sent word ahead to expect us. He would need to make sure that at least some of the items I need are here. That is a lot of stuff in the shop. I look at the shop keeper to see how he reacts to such an introduction.
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A chuckle rumbles deep in Kem’s chest, then his smile turns into a faint grin.
“Direct. I can appreciate that.”
He reaches up to a breast pocket of his brown canvas vest then produces both the thin, finger-length BoSS transponder reader followed by a blue transparent identicard. The latter clicks into the former. A white light illuminates the ID card and a hologram of Kem Jelnu appears over the device. He walks down the steps and hands them both over to Dizzy.
“Here you go.”
Kem reaches up to scratch his bald head, then rubs the back of his massive neck.
“If you don’t mind, a bit of courtesy for courtesy? An old friend of mine mentioned two ladies would pay me a little visit. You two look like the ones he mentioned.”
Kem glances between the two of you.
“You two happen to be Dizzy Flores and Iwa? Would you both mind if I looked at your ID? You know, just be safe. You’d be surprised at the number of con artists I meet in the relic recovery business.”
Dizzy, he hands the BoSS transponder and his ID over to you. You both see on the transponder’s holodisplay that the ID’s chain code checks out with the Bureau of Ships and Services’ records. The image also lines up with a facial match to the Cragmoloid man standing in front of you.

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My glorious Mistress, whose fur is so smooth and a lovely chocolate brown, is about to enter a small and dingy store. What is this creature that is about to attack her??? I move to be in front of her to protect her from this creature that is so big and yet has no fun on his head. I thought that all humanoids had hair on their heads?? There is so much that is confusing about the different species. Perhaps I should update my programming? Of course my Mistress set me up to be her perfect droid so I am sure that she gave my everything that I needed. I dare not ask for any changes.   He is asking my Mistress for proof she is who she says she is!! How can he not know my Mistress?!?!?!? Everyone in the galaxy knows the grandeur and majesty of my Mistress.
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I sigh heavily and gently pat Chakarr on the dome. "It is fine, little one. It is fair for him to ask us for proof just as Dizzy asked him." I pull out my ID and hand it to Dizzy. I am sure that she will have something that she will need to do or say to keep the situation under control. I have hopes that we can trade that statue (and some credits I am sure) for the things that I need. I am looking forward to working with my hands and figuring out how this armor works. I want to understand the how and the why.   However, I should probably pull my thoughts back from the clouds and see how Dizzy wants to proceed with this gentleman.
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By long habit, I shuffly my helmet around to pin between my left side and my upper arm so that I have both hands free. It feels a smidgen weird to do that with the bucket upside down. Since it has the bundled-up statue in it, I will work around the awkward: I don't want to dump the goods on my foot. Nor Iwa's.
Hold the shopkeeper's transponder and ID in the left hand, use my right to slide my own transponder chit and identification card out of the pocket in my undersleeve, pass my pair and Iwa's over to the shopkeeper. I trust Iwa to keep her eyes on our ID so no sleight of hand can be done, absolutely! I keep part of my attention on them anyway. Most GAR veterans have a hard time dropping that habit even when we no longer carry the responsibility for military ID. This is not the identification set for "Dizzy Anfisa". If something does happen to Dizzy Flores' identicard, I only have the normal amount of bureaucracy to wade in order to keep my wedding on track.
You can't wear ARC helmets with their built-in visor screens if you can't pass the test to split your visual attention by age three. I slot the shopkeeper's identity card and his transponder's little jack end into the reader ports on my datapad and listen for the faint hum of a double-confirmation -- verifies that what the transponder holodisplay is showing us is a match for whatever is encoded in the identicard, which is all I really care about -- while mister, uh, Jelnu? Jelnu, here, does whatever level of ID check will suit him.
It's not tough to rig these sorts of things to lie. A lot of folks don't bother do as much checking as I just did. But this way, we have time-stamped documentation that we did check ID before making the delivery.
I cheerfully extract the transponder and the ID. I offer them back while shoving my datapad back into its pouch.
"We are, in fact, ladies!" I confirm. "Very 'ladylike', at least. And we are absolutely visiting." Except Charkarr, who I pretend is not happening until he is either useful or an obstacle. I have learned not to point him out right away, it makes him obstreperous.
Still tracking our ID, I tilt my head in a slight sideways arc -- the old "exaggerate Glancing Around body language so the natborn imagines a meaningful glance at nearby surroundings" bit, in this case more a gesture toward the Brass Spanner storefront and the nearby market. "Also we're shopping. But you've got a shop employee who's feeling shy, and it's awfully early in the morning to inspire a full-blown ruckus. If you prefer casual witnesses since we're from out of town, we can accommodate."
Again I beam at Kem Jelnu. I'm polite and direct! Considerate, even! Almost as ladylike as Iwa! He should definitely signal his assassin droid to not shoot us when he lets us into the semi-seclusion of his inner shop.
If that doesn't work, gosh, Iwa and I probably deserve to inspire a full-blown ruckus! We look great! We have tasteful luggage! No one on this dirtball has worked up the nerve to offer us lunch on the house! Despite hours of reconditioned atmo on the Three Ellas Run flight, our eyelashes are gorgeous! That's worthy of inspiring a ruckus, right there.
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The angry whirs from the astromech draw Kem’s attention. He glances down and chuckles before he accepts the transponder from Dizzy.
“Droid? I’m not looking to hurt your mistress. I’m just making sure no one’s trying to impersonate her.”
Quietly, he squints at both IDs. He slots one, then the other in the transponder to study the chain-codes.
“Looks good to me,” he rumbled.
He returns both IDs. The transponder and his own ID go back to their original pockets.
“If by ‘shy’ you mean Iggy, he won’t be a problem. He was only telling me you two were here. It’s his day to run the inventory numbers, and he hates getting behind on the work. There won’t be any ruckus, so no casual witnesses are necessary.”
Kem shifts his attention to the ladies while he folded his arms over his broad chest.
“Bai mentioned you two would be transporting a statue to me. I’ve got the armor pieces you’re looking for. They’re all yours. I would like to ask for a favor in return. It’s about getting back a few items that were stolen from my people. A piece of our culture.”
Kem studies the ladies for a second.
“If you’re willing, we can talk about the details inside. But if not, I understand. I’ll go get the pieces you want. You leave the statue with me, and we go our separate ways. What do you say?”
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I give him a long, steady look. I know I am a Wookie and that people try to use my past to serve their own ends. I have heard it many times about just wanting to save or retrieve or salvage their culture. The problem comes down to the fact that the victors write the history books so how is anyone from outside that culture to really know to whom that antique or artwork belongs?   However, I am sure that no matter what I say now we will end up having to do his errand. We might as well go sit down inside and listen to the story. I will ask Chakarr to run some discrete scans of the items inside so that we can determine how truthful he is. It would be helpful to run a list of items against the local black market list. After all, Bi Tai did send us to him and I haven't decided if that is a mark in his favor or against!   I give Dizzy a slow and careful nod and then bend over as if I am calming Chakarr. ''Listen carefully. I want you to stay outside and watch from the doorway as we enter. Once we are engaged in conversation, I want you to scan as many items as you can see from the doorway while you are waiting and the roll around the aisles (do NOT touch anything) to get a list of any items that are not mechanical. As soon as you see or hear us start to move back to the door, get back to the doorway and be ready to move on out. Any questions?""
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My Mistress come close to me!! ''Listen carefully. I want you to stay outside and watch from the doorway as we enter. Once we are engaged in conversation, I want you to scan as many items as you can see from the doorway while you are waiting and the roll around the aisles (do NOT touch anything) to get a list of any items that are not mechanical. As soon as you see or hear us start to move back to the door, get back to the doorway and be ready to move on out. Any questions?""   I have no questions. I am very happy that I can assist her with such an important and vital job. I am so much better than that Dizzy person. I do not know why she insists on going places with her!!
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While Iwa is giving her droid a chore list, I turn up the Happy Beam of Geneality by a slight increment. Still don't want the full effect here.
"I've heard that Dorella operates on the 'favor economy' in certain business fields. Naturally we can't commit to anything that might grind against our prior commitments, but we are happy to hear you out. Let's get out of the traffic flow, at least!"
I shift my weight to follow Kem Jelnu into his shop. Keep the bucket on my left hip, but with my arm curved around it more securely for motion.
Everybody likes to air their opinions on the local flavors, right? And everybody likes being The Local Expert Advisor. Let's get this guy chatting!
"You been in business here long? I've got a couple of cousins who swear by grated prawo root in their pit barbecue, say it only tastes right if they buy it direct from Dorella. Something about the soil, Coil says. What else is local here that you think a couple of tourists ought to try out?"
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Kem arches an eyebrow at Iwa and Charkarr over Iwa’s instructions. After that, he smiles at Dizzy.
“It’s true Dorella operates under a ‘favor economy’. But it also uses credits. Plenty of them. This is less of a favor and closer to social justice. Unless you have a problem sticking it to Rogga the Hutt and an Imperial Moff from the Emperor Palpatine reign.”
He shrugs, then turns toward his shop with a slight wave of invitation to follow him.
“In business? Yes. Some number of years. I settled here after the Galactic Civil War settled down and I left the Rebel Alliance.”
At mention of prawo root, Kem frowns in thought.
“Prawo root? I can see it. The soil here is pretty rich. The walking forests stir up the soil when they migrate around. Gives the root a richer flavor. But, if you’re looking to try some local food, there’s the Brimstone Whammy down the row. Olee Pindol does some impressive things with the prawo root and faunev spice when she makes her grilled meats.”
Kem stops at the doorway to his shop to point down at a low, one story quickstone building.
“That’s Pindol’s place there. Worth trying it. In any case, my office is to the right, just inside.”
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