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Tik Sandrell

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 27.0 "The Message"

Lieutenant Tik Sandrell

Mental characteristics

Personal history

VNY's notes:

Tik Sandrell.
Tik ...
... Sandrell.
May The Force bless 'im, because the Fairy Godmother of Common Sense did not.
First time I knew of him, it was -- let me think -- early Melona, according to my notes, about halfway through the Year of Our Imperium 12725. Cap'n Eleni Benacor and her wacky companions were involved in that classic act of civil disobedience against the Galactic Empire, namely: smuggling bacta and some Imperial blueprints out of areas in the Tapani Sector that were firmly under Palpatine's control.
The Long Night was like that most of the time: be very, very quiet until it's time to be spectacularly loud.
Anyway, we were silent as ysalamiri in a flock of ocuvox. We couldn't pop back up into hyperspace until the Imperial patrol ship went around the nearest planet to look for blockade runners over there.
And then this probe comes screeching straight for Mismatch, shouting a message from Rebel Alliance cell leader Tik Sandrell for Captain Benacor, come rescue, come rescue, haaaaaaaaaaalp! and we were so blown.
Apparently Eleni had rescued this kid once before?
And therefore, she was his go-to Ultimate Fallback Plan.
By the middle of 'Seven-twenty-nine, decorated Lieutenant Tik Sandrell had become an Alliance Commando, saved an entire battalion from something, got a couple crossclusters and three (!) Medals of Valor added to his dress uniform. I asked Eleni if she thought maybe he accidentally put on the wrong uni, and she said "no". She says he actually is a "serious hero", although she suggested that maybe he tripped into the whole saving thing.
I presume he is still doing well. That Ass over at the Ministry of Information was trying to poach him at some point -- I hope he failed. Mostly because I would not trust That Ass with a pet slime mold much less actual people. Being Orange Catholic has got to be a "Get out of Weasel Service Free" card, right?
- database entry updated Atunda
21 Relona

Personality Characteristics


Save the Galaxy!

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent shot, sturdy man in good shape, and yet can trip over his feet while waving "hello" to an old acquaintance.


Contacts & Relations

bright green
curly reddish-brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
medium brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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