Star wars: shards The Message

The Message

Life, Crime


Remember Tik Sandrell? Eleni Benacor already rescued his youthful idiot self once. Some people don't quite stay rescued....

The crew and companions of the smuggler ship Mismatch are smuggling bacta, supplies and Imperial blueprints from Imperial-occupied space. Rebel Alliance forces are spread very thin across the front, a fact the Galactic Imperials are using at every turn, so the return trip is far from simple.


Even before a probe comes screeching at the hidden Mismatch, straight across the bow of an Imp vessel trying to spot illicit travelers, with an urgent message from Eleni's past: Tik Sandrell is now the head of a Rebel cell, and boy do they ever need rescuing from the Imperials on Mrlsst.


His plan was foiled when KitKat started firing ship weaponry at the ground outside the abandoned warehouse.


— Things started collapsing on our heads, VN's notes on bounty hunter Kilman Vorzirani from the "Suspects Database" on her datapad

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