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Kilman Vorzirani

Bounty Hunter Troop Leader

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 27.0 "The Message"

Lord Kilman Vorzirani

VNY's notes:

Led a group of bounty hunters into the warehouse after us, while we were trying to rescue Tik Sandrell and Crew from slavers and Imps. His plan was foiled when KitKat started firing ship weaponry at the ground outside the abandoned warehouse.
I have grit in my hair and gravel scrapes on my back. I am a grumpy Jedi Padawan.
Also I am reasonably sure that Lord Kilman is dead, on account of having seen a significant percentage of his head in the debris from the vehicular weapon strike.
- database entry updated Atunda
6 Melona
Currently Held Titles


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