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Mental characteristics

Personal history

Longshot's usual answer to nosy personal questions is to reach for a knife.
But since she's not the sharpest blade in the toolkit, the gossip network of the Tapani Sector pirate clans can provide these most likely theories based on her Bureau of Ships and Services databank entries:
  • An adolescent human child with the probably falsified name "Kep Bree" began the required vaccination series for interstellar travel on 989:04:07 RR on Carrick Station in the Core Worlds. She was part of a group of mining families whose work visas were sponsored by Macander Heavy Ores as employees for a new mine opened in the Aleron System.
  • A bulletin was released four months later in the city of Daekun on Aleron, alerting law enforcement that eight individuals named "Kep Bree" -- all underage, ranging in species from Human to Sullustan to Twi'lek to Rodian and in ages from "barely school-age" to "nearly adult" -- had all passed through orbital Customs on the same day but not been scanned at the Arrivals terminal on-planet. The date for this bulletin was, of course, given the Tapani calendar date of 17 Yelona 12711.
  • Through the year 12716 T, one contestant participated in qualifying matches for two shockboxing tournaments and eight swoop race double-elimination tournaments, all through the Tapani Arts and Sports Complex on the resort planet of Vycinyth. Her name on the betting parlors' copies of the registration databank went through several changes before it settled on first "Long Shot" and, finally, "Longshot".
  • In Shelova Week of '720, amidst all the traditional commerce-related celebrations, Longshot appeared on the doorstep of the Gorgon with the keys and security schedule for the Imperial Galactic Bank routing station in Cauper System. While her plan was discarded, her application for membership was immediately accepted.
  • By the final weeks of Nelona, '725, Longshot was one of many Medusas based on New Dendarii. She competed with Betty Charles of the Fortune Hunters to see who could score the most hulls of derelict ships hauled into position for Aaroom Taanfaar's architectural upcycling.

Intellectual Characteristics

Longshot proved an excellent "frontwoman" for the Smash And Loot model of bank robbery, one of five basic blueprints used by the Medusa Pirate Clan. Her behavior seems more haphazard on the job than is actually true, distracting the witnesses from true dangerous activity under cover of the "glitzy, lurid, hedonistic chaos" of a Medusa raid.
Not that she's pretending her eagerness for the flashy pleasure of a new "boytoy" hauling an overstuffed credsack!
Longshot takes care to seem more shallow, more arbitrary, and more callous than she is. This discourages most of the "citizens" in her path from making trouble. Of the remainder, more than half will underestimate Longshot's intelligence, her focus on the job, or both.
Places, ladies.
I’m kicking the door down in three … two …
— heard on Medusa Channel Eight
Current Location
Year of Birth
12703 28 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
medium white, with scars
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Source idea converted from a computer game called Crimson Skies
by Jordan Weisman and Dave McCoy.
No infringement is intended or implied.


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