Date 19: Vorlaisner Bank and Trust, Starsalt Plaza, Daekun, Aleron Prose in Star Wars: Shards | World Anvil

Date 19: Vorlaisner Bank and Trust, Starsalt Plaza, Daekun, Aleron

originally posted in mid April of 2011

“Psst, Harpy!”


“Yeah, Longshot.”


“I’int that Ysadora heading off around the bend of the dome?”


“Looked like.”


“Is that the feller she’s supposed to be stepping out with?”


“Looks like.”


“ … He’s kinda cute.”


“I suppose.”


“But I didn’t think that was her type. Don’t look like he knows a stein from a still.”


“Could be, Longshot. What do you care?”


“Jus’ seems kinda mean to be doing this when she’s all set to get a nice flirt going, that’s all.”


“Do your job right, Longshot, and we won’t interrupt. Got it?”


“Yeah, yeah, sure.”




“Hey, Harpy?”


“I’m trying to rewire this slarn-infested mouse ‘droid, Longshot!”


“I know, I just -- ain’t those religious types forbidden to get all romantic and such?”


“Probably forbidden to lift a beer, too.”


“But … we met her in a bar.”


“Reckon if she’s fine with the one, then she’s fine with the other. Now. How ‘bout you mind your own business -- to wit, do the job.”


“Yeah, no problem. Go now?”


More silence.


“Okay, I’ll go now. Channel eight open: Places, ladies. I’m kicking the door down in three … two … EVERY MOTHERLOVIN’ ONE OF YOU DIRTSUCKERS PUT YOUR FACE ON THE GROUND NOW OR I WILL BLOW A HOLE RIGHT IN IT! You have the option of being hostages during this little holdup, or being ballast! And if your name happens to be Vorlaisner then you get the additional option of being the Medusas’ new best boytoy!


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