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Episode 3.08 Kanter's War, Chapter 9 Report

General Summary

TC Log
Lieutenant TC-157, “Hicks” Vorysadora
Chausid Station, Chalcedon. Southeastern shore of the Strosis Continent.

It was like being in the Clone Wars again before I was frozen for thirty standard years, only weirder.
The two pirates in the powered Carapace armor were at either end of the road. It looked to me like a pincer move. Since they could throw what looked like charged plasma lightning out of swords? They had plenty of firepower.
To top it off, they also could generate a Droideka shield. That was a nasty surprise.
Down the street from Vanya and myself, Aerena vaulted from one rooftop to another. She landed in a roll, then dropped down to take another sniper shot at the Carapace-armored pirate in the road crossing. Probably what worked for ‘main street’ in this small town.
Anyway, the guy didn’t seem that rattled when she opened fire on him. He dodged, fast as anything, away from the blaster shot. The armor had to have boosted his reaction time. That was going to be a problem.
Over my helmet, I picked up a frantic burst out to the local maintenance droids to paint void wolf emblems on the power armor. I figured that was Reese. It might have been a ploy to get the pair shooting at each other. Unfortunately, those droids don’t move that fast.
It did help a bit, though, when Vanya stepped out into the street. She ignited her lightsabers, one in each hand, and called both Carapace armor pirates out. That got their undivided attention. Vanya was being an “obvious” Jedi which, I can understand why the pirates would want her taken out fast.
Vance, disguised as one of the Killian pirates, “ran for cover”, by heading down the street. Vanya’s distraction worked, which appeared to help Vance’s cover story.
The closer of the two armored pirates moved in fast, but Vanya blocked the attack. This gave me a small opening. I used Vanya’s lightsabers and bounced two blaster shots off them and into the pirates. Both shots hit their mark. The closer pirate took it hard into the shoulder, while the one down the street shrugged off the shot.
After that, So’zen stepped out of the cantina and the fight on our side of town was on. On the other side? The locals had decided enough was enough. They swarmed out with anything that could fire a bolt and took out after the Killian pirates.
The fight lasted barely a few minutes, but felt like hours. Somewhere in there, So’zen and Vanya discovered something off about those glowing crystals in the armor they were fighting and did something about it.
Which means found a way to extract crystal from armor. It wasn’t pretty; the things were steeped in the Dark Side. I wasn’t sure how, but the crystals even tried to take over two maintenance droids! Fortunately, Vanya found some quick-crete in a storeroom and buried both of the Sith crystals in a block of that.
Permanent solution or not, at least we could carry the things to get rid of them properly if we needed to.
The dust settled, and we found out what the pirates were making in the repair shop. Using some insane blueprints from an old Sith book, the pirates were outfitting a couple of scout walkers. It looked like they intended to make a quad-walker out of the two scout mech walkers.
Outfitted with more of those glowing red crystals, of course. Because if you’re going to shoot yourself in the proverbial shebs, you do it right, I guess? I’ve never quite understood the pirate life.
It didn’t take long to disable, or really wreck, the thing. Vanya had only wanted me to scout, but really, I saw those glowing crystals in the turbolasers. While I’m not an expert on the Dark Side, I do know a thing or two about ‘dumb, unstable, explosive, weapon mods’. That counted.
Once Vance fouled the synthcrystal fluid with whiskey, it was over. We liberated Chausid Station and caught the pirates who started all the mess.
Odd enough, Gruk Equitch, the Killian raid leader? He swapped sides. I don’t have any idea what So’zen said to him, but the last I knew, he broke ties with the Killian pirates. He was going to take whatever punishment the Freedworlds Republic was going to hand him, then move on. From what I understand, Gruk renounced the pirate life for a ‘spiritual crusade’ because So’zen had ‘opened his eyes to a new philosophy’.
I have a funny feeling we’ve not seen the last of that guy.
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17 Apr 2022
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