Lenore Craven

For the Love of the Job

I sometimes wonder what I'd do with my life if I hadn't joined Kraken. If they weren't sending me around the world to blow things up and make men disappear. I supposed i'd probably be doing the same thing just for free. You know what they say, pick a job you like and you'll never work a day in your life. I really, really love blowing things up and killing people.
— Lenore Craven
Lenore's life is one of pure bliss. She truly loves what she does and what she does is beyond repugnant. She is a killer, a spy and a terrorist who's only interest in Kraken is its capacity for destruction and its long list of enemies.
If anyone knows where Lenore came from prior to joining Kraken they're not speaking about it. Her earliest recorded appearance was her participation in the bombing of the Carlise's Pride, a passenger and cargo ship from Clocktower that that had recently arrived in Port Shatter. All hands were lost and the wreckage of the sea ship burned in the harbor for days on end. It was the first of countless atrocities that she would be responsible for, all in the name of Kraken and their quest to topple Pinnacle's rule and supplant them as the lords of Spirel.

Closest Allies

Nathan Masters is her most frequent ally. Masters' position within Kraken puts countless hundreds of agents at his disposal and Lenore is his most effective and most reckless asset.

She's worked frequently with mob bosses like Bart Stark and Hugo Noble on missions that equally benefit their organizations as well as Kraken's, however, predilection for betrayal is well known. No ally can ever truly feel comfortable with Lenore Craven at his side. It's only a matter of time before her lust for destruction is aimed at them.


William Buckthorp is a fascination of hers. His dour, bitter nature runs completely counter to Lenore's and tormenting him brings a very special joy to her heart. Before Buckthorp's falling out with Bennett Creedy and the Black Nine he was often part of any task force assembled to deal with Kraken terrorist actions. She's faced off against him several times every meeting sends a delightful shiver through her body.


Lenore Craven is a Mission Specialist character with a focus on Support. Lenore's states are very evenly spread making her excellent at tackling any mission she's given. Her Resource stat of two ensures that none of her chips will be wasted during a challenge either. However, Lenore has a very unique Special Ability that makes her an invaluable support character for the Villains. Kraken Network not only gives Lenore a boost to her maximum hand size but it also allows her to reveal bluffed cards by spending Savvy chips or Persistence. The consequences of this are far-reaching. While she is on the board and willing to spend chips or Persistence Heroes will have to contend with their bluffed cards being played face up.
Lenore's mind tetters on the edge of sanity all the time and thus her greatest weakness is her very low Persistence. Heroes who are frustrated by her Kraken Network ability do not have to work particularly hard to break her. And, because her ability can be fueled by Persistence she is always likely to be that much closer to her breaking point.
Lenore Backer

Lenore Stats
Carlisle Plaza - Clocktower
Buckthorp and Craven


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