Bart Stark

Unchecked Aggression

I got nothing cute to say, no fancy words... nothing poetic. Few seconds from now ... one way or another. Both our personal hell's are gunna end. Now draw!
— Bart Stark
The Stark Syndicate once controlled every illicit enterprise in Ironise. Everything from simple street corner hustle and protection rackets to gambling and gun running in the highest echelons of the city. The only factor they couldn't control was Bart. The reckless and hyper violent son of the Syndicate's leader, Vincent Stark. The Starks had rules, a code of sorts that kept their activities reigned in and checked but Bart ignored them all. His father had no choice but to send him away to manage one of their most remote operations in the border towns of Spirel far from view.
Bart's isolation is the only thing that saved him when Ironrise turned on the rest of the Starks. Under the direction of the Prime Minister himself the Stark empire was shattered, its leadership killed or sentenced to a lifetime in Penance Prison and their territory gobbled up by rivals like Hugo Noble. When word finally reached Bart of the downfall of his family he returned immediately to Ironrise to take over the last embers of the Syndicate. He now looks to rebuild the Stark Syndicate but in his own image. One that replaced subtly and savvy business deals with unchecked aggression and deadly force.  

Closest Allies

Bart appreciates other blunt instruments when it comes those he works with. Nathan Masters, Lenore Craven and the rest of the Kraken Network are more than willing to support the rebirth of the Stark Syndicate with weapons and intelligence.

Unlike his father, Bart is willing to go to any lengths and break any rules when it comes to winning. Bart has frequently made pacts with the likes of Dorian Loeb and Jefefrson Swann, using their supernatural abilities as another weapon in his arsenal.


The victims of Bart Stark's aggressive expansion are everywhere but none are as famous and deadly as Mary Coldridge. She's been hunting him for month now and won't stop till one of them is dead.


Bart Stark is an Aggressor character with a specialization in Debuffing his opponents. Everything about Bart's play style is hyper focused on quickly breaking heroes. His special ability, Mine's Bigger, gives him every incentive to burn through his Martial Chips at a high rate so that he can neuter the Martial abilities of his opponents. Heroes facing off against Bart will always be in short supply of Martial chips and constant be under the gun.
Bart's greatest weakness is his need to constantly spend his Martial Chips to gain the benefit of his special abilities. He will constantly be on the lookout for means of replacing his spent chips.
Bart Backer

Bart Stats
Raven's Perch - Ironrise
Dark Alliance Stark and Swann
Dark Alliance by Crimzon Studios


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