Mary Coldridge

Turned Loose on the World

I'm a problem solver. Those problems have names like the Ram's Wrath, the Starks, Noble Industries and Kraken Agents. I solve those problems with things like daggers, pistols and my sniper rifle. If you have one of those problems than I'm willing to be the solution. Just ask.
— Mary Coldridge
The Doyle Gang has laid dozens of small townships to rest over the years. They're looking for scrip, weapons, and entertainment from these far away places well outside the reach of the law. Mary's home was one such township and she was the lone survivor of the Doyle's brutality. Most people would have been left broken by such a calamity but not Mary. She buried her brothers and sisters, her mother and father, and then left for Ironrise.
The story of a lone woman surviving on foot from just west of Nightfall all the way to Ironrise became legend. This legend was impossible for the Bolton Mercenary Company to ignore. They met with her and saw a fire in her eyes they could work with. She was the girl that wouldn't die and bested a thousand miles of danger. The Bolton Company took her in, honed the skills she learned on the road and made her one of their own, a company woman. Today, she travels the world taking on the missions assigned to her from the mysterious Board of Directors, putting to rest one threat at a time till the world is better than the one she was born into.

Closest Allies

The Bolton Company will sometimes reach out to specialists outside the organization to support its agents. It will also take on clients who are in need of some extra muscle to finish their endeavors (assuming the client is worthy of Company help and not meant to be on the Company hit list).

Katherine Harrington has needed the kind of help that only Mary can provide on several occasions. Mary appreciates Katherine, Rose and Grace 's desire to make the world a better place and to reject the darkness that it offers.


The Doyles are one of many small time borderland outlaw gangs that serve Bart Stark. While she hates Bohanan Doyle and his gang she knows that in truth he was little more than a rabid dog off his chain. Bart is the one truly responsible. Stark will go to any lengths to see her in a shallow grave in the Scorch.


Mary Coldridge is a Aggressor character with a focus on Mission Accomplishment[/b.] Mary's special ability offers her considerable incentive to hound individual Villains across the map and constantly sap their Persistence till they're broken. Her stats are optimized toward accomplishing any Endeavor or Side Quest. A typical strategy she may employ is to pursue and take down a Villain and then use the benefits she earns from breaking that Villain to tackle Side Quests or Endeavors in the city.
All of her focus comes from harming a Villain and being the one to finally break them. If she's not able to be close to a Villain or be the one to deal the few points of Persistence loss than her ability is largely neutralized.
Mary Backer

Mary Stats
Border Town outside Nightfall
Mary and Buckthorp


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