William Buckthorp

Nothing Left but Revenge

The Rams, Stark's thugs, those... those silly damn cultist school boys that follow Swann around, what, you think I'm crazy? I'm some broken psycho killer? Nah. I know right and I know wrong. I'd kill every damn one of them again if I could. I like killin' ... hell, I love it! Nothing else in life feels as good as a bullet in the head of someone that deserves it! You don't like it, you want me to stop? Not today, not for you, not ever!
— William Buckthorp
The government of Ironrise has enemies everywhere: seditionists, insurrection, terrorist cells from the Kraken network and the vast criminal underbelly of Spirel. William was part of an elite strike force managed by Bennett Creedy and tasked with neutralizing Ironrise's greatest threats. They were called Black Nine- the nine most dangerous soldiers in all of the Ram's Wrath and they served with unquestioning loyalty.
That changed when Buckthorp received orders to sabotage the airship of a union leader who deeply opposed the policies of the Prime Minister. William refused. He chose the life of a soldier not an assassin who's gun is turned toward the very people he's supposed to protect. He resigned his post and left the Rams behind. That wasn't enough for Creedy though. The man couldn't stand the idea that one of his hand picked elite could turn against him like that. Rather than suffer the insult Creedy ordered the rest of the Black Nine to Buckthorp's home. They broke in, executed his wife Sarah and his daughter, Penny. William was dragged back to Creedy's headquarters where the man viciously beat him and shot him and threw his body into the Iron Twist junkyard.
Creedy and his soldiers made one mistake. They didn't make sure Buckthrop was dead. Now, he's out there, hunting them down one by one. Not just the Black Nine but anyone connected to Creedy's corrupt police force. Noble, Stark, Kraken, The Shaws ... anyone that deserves it. William's life is about delivering the reckoning that these villains have earned. Nothing else matters now except killing.

Closest Allies

William Buckthorp doesn't really have friends anymore. The people he was closest to took his wife and daughter and left him for dead. Now, the only people he truly appreciates are the ones that don't get in his way.

There have been occasions though where he's run into people who share in his singular appreciation for violence as well as his list of enemies. The bounty hunter Mary Coldridge is a frequent ally. Franklin Saint and Cyrus McTodd have fought alongside when one of Noble or Stark's enterprises needed toppling.


Bennet Creedy is the man that burnt his life to the ground. Other people deserve to be put down but Creedy is the burning obsession that William can't let go of. He'll do anything it takes to settle their score and any drop of blood spilt on the way is a cost worth paging.


William Buckthorp is an Aggressor character with a focus in Mission Accomplishment. While William's stat line is very evenly distributed for the purpose of tackling Endeavors and Sidequests his real strength is in harassing his enemies. His special ability, Nothing Left but Revenge, allows him the benefit of counting at the same or adjacent location as a Villain during their Schemes. This means he can really interfere with his opponent's ability to accomplish tasks. He also punished any Villain who wishes to use their Torment option against him. Coming after William Buckthorp is a bad idea. If you try to take him out, make sure it's worth the damage he'll inflict on you.
William's special ability makes him an exceptionally large target. Villains will go to any length to get rid of this man as he threatens their otherwise reliable creep toward victory via their Schemes. While he has a considerable amount of Persistence to weather the store he has a very low Ingenuity and thus will have trouble keeping getting cards to fill his chip pools. If William Buckthorp has low numbers in his chip pools then his special ability is mostly neutralized. A smart Villain may work on taking away all of Buckthrop's asset cards and chip pools rather than break him through Persistence loss.
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Buckthorp Stats
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