Holy Kingdom of Katho

The Holy Kingdom of Katho is a small state under the influence of the Federal Republic, even if the Onatach Empire still has a significant influence within the Kingdom, less than the Republic, but which is large enough to worry the Republic. Holy Kingdom of Katho's political, economic and military influence does not allow it to project beyond these borders. This entity representing the kedeshis, these are a mammalian species originating from an unknown planet that they had to evacuate at some point in their history.


The Holy Kingdom of Katho is organized around three orders of government such as the Zelvan Council. The central government is headed by the Holy Council and control systems that have not been colonized. The Holy Council appoints the governors of the inhabited systems who have specific powers, and these appoints the mayors of each cities on their planets.

Demography and Population

We do not know the exact population of the Holy Kingdom of Katho but it seems that it is less than the Republic. The kedeshis make up the entire population, a small human, zelvan and endurga diaspora is present in the capital because of the embassy on its surface. The official languages and at the same time the most widely spoken within the Holy Republic of Katho are Kratano, Kipra and Strefa, Strefra being the most widespread.


The territory and exact size of the Holy Kingdom of Katho is unknown but it appears to be smaller than the Republic as well as having fewer planets, the territory which is relatively well known is that at the extreme south of the Republican border.


The Holy Kingdom of Katho has no professional army but relies on planetary militias for its defense and which are united under a single command in time of war. This leads all the same to the fact that they have a smaller army compared to the Republic and above all less organized. The fact that militias independent of each other make it difficult to coordinate with each other and joint exercises between militias are rare. In addition, another constraint is added because it has a smaller territory which has consequences on the size of their army. Indeed, the kedeshis have, according to our information, a less extensive territory and which has less planet compared to the Republic. This tends to limit these means of production and therefore the size of there armed forces.

Technological Level

The Holy Kingdom of katho is approximately on the same technological level as most other entities in the galaxy, but the religious hold has long stifled technological progress. This has led to the fact that they have a lesser mastery of genetic engineering, nano-robotics and especially artificial intelligence. Indeed, artificial intelligence within the Holy Kingdom of Katho are much less developed because of religious authorities who have never looked favorably on this technology. All the same, technological development has taken place which has made it possible to increase life expectancy, facilitate space transport and many other benefits for the population as well as the economy.


The Church of Katho is a church based on the belief in the existence of the one god Katho, this monotheistic religion advocates the fact that all races in the galaxy are made from a particular element, kedeshis being made of rock. Residing at the center of the galaxy, Katho creates the stars that lead the kedeshis to Goz and accompany the souls of the deceased to resurrection. This very naturalistic religion has a huge impact on the kedeshi society, it is mainly this one which is to blame for the technological delay that this civilization has on the rest of the galaxy.

Foreign Relations

The Holy Kingdom of Katho has a very good relationship with the Federal Republic, Myrran Trade Union and the Zelvan Council which are these closest trading partners. It also has good relations with the Endurga Stellar State, an entity north of these borders with which the Republic has not established diplomatic links due to the distance. Relations with the Onatachs Empire are cordial and the Kingdom maintains strong commercial ties with it, which tends to annoy the Republic, which fears that the Holy Kingdon of Katho will fall under Onatach's influence. Formal diplomatic relations have not been initiated with the Kingdom of the Houses of Yondarim and the Qravadox Directorate since the Kingdom did not see its interest in establishing relations with entities with which it was going, in any case little to interact, even if it is aware of their existence.

Agriculture & Industry

The Holy Kingdom of Katho have standard industry and agriculture with no predominant sector in particular, the only peculiarity is that traditional agriculture has a much greater place than in other known civilizations with their cultures that can grow in much steeper places than most other peoples thanks to a plant native to their home planet. As for the industry, it is very varied to succeed in meeting the needs of their people and their armed forces with their military production.

Trade & Transport

Like all entities within the galaxy, transport, whether of goods or people, is carried out thanks to wormholes which allow almost instantaneous travel between systems. Within the systems, the zelvans have their own version of the Star Drive which allows them to travel at approximately 180% of the speed of light for their larger ships. The Holy Republic of Katho's main known trading partners are the Republic and the Onatach Empire, a smaller portion of trade is also with the Zelvan Council.


The education of young kedeshis is provided by the central government, the first levels of education are very steeped in religious teachings, even if the education has a global goal of giving basic knowledge on many subjects. It is only from higher education that education becomes completely secular to train true professionals.


Like all entities within the galaxy, the main civil infrastructures consist of stabilization rings around wormholes, orbital stations to make the link between surface and space as well as spaceports in cities. As for the military, orbital stations are also built by militias for defense purposes or to serve as a naval base. A network of military bases has been set up on the planets to ensure their defense in the event of an attack and to welcome the multiple militias within the Holy Kingdom of Katho.

In the faith of Katho

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Holy Council is the legislative organ of the Holy Kingdom of Katho, composed of members of the Church of Kathol who are appointed by the High Priest for a lifetime term. It is chaired by the High Priest which is itself by the members of the council for a term of life, its approval is necessary for any new elected president. It is he who really directs the regime by vote the laws proposed by the President, appointing advisers and serving as moral authority for the kedeshis.
Judicial Body
The Holy Kingdom of Katho justice system has very little independence from political and religious power. In fact, legal disputes are settled by members of the Church of Katho via planet and district courts. The supreme judicial power is, unlike the Republic, held by the Holy Council which judges them and the High Priest renders the final verdict. This lack of independence of the judicial system leads to a great corruption of religious members who serve as judges.
Executive Body
The executive is headed by the President who is elected by universal suffrage, but the new President must be approved by the Holy Council before taking office and the High Priest has veto power. Once confirmed, he appoints these councilors and other members of his government for a five-year term.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Related Species


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