Onatach Empire

Even if the Republic has little information about it, it's clear that the Onatach Empire is one of the great powers of the galaxy, its military and economic power could allow him to be a major player in galactic affairs. However, his isolationist and belligerent tendencies severely limit his political influence in the galaxy, sometimes preventing him from making allies to compete with these rivals. Despite this handicap, the Onatach Empire has repeatedly succeeded in using its political power to gain influence within the galaxy, this one, which the Onatach Empire sometimes manages to use, even if it is not its greatest strength, combined with its military as well as economic power place it as a great power in the galaxy. This entity represents the onatachs, these are a reptilian species originating from an unknown planet.

Demography and Population

The exact size of its population is not known, but given the size of its territory, it must most likely be at least equivalent to that of the Republic. The composition of the population must also be very homogeneous, composed only of onatachs given their their isolationist tendencies.


Even if the exact size of their territory cannot be known, it is clear that it is at least equivalent or even superior to that of the Republic since it is known to extend along the entire western borderĀ and must probably extend westward.


Little is known about Onatach military forces, all that is known is that they likely recovered from the blow inflicted by the Republic in the Western War. They are therefore probably equivalent to the Republic, even if it's far from certain, but superior would still be surprising because the Republic was able to repell them during the Western War.

Technological Level

Even if it was impossible to determine the exact degree of advancement of their civilian technonology, during the Western War, however, it was possible to observe and analyze their military technology which appears to be roughly equivalent to the Republic. Studying the hulls of certain ships also allowed to all see the extent of their expertise in terms of ship design.


Although not seeming to have an official religion, the inhabitants of the empire seem to dedicate an unfailing loyalty to their emperors, regardless of their gender.

Foreign Relations

Since the onatachs have not established diplomatic channels with the Republic and most other entities beyond this one, it is difficult to determine the nature of these relationships with possible unknown species. However, the Onatach Empire has many diplomatic ties since it has established diplomatic relations with the Holy Kingdom of Katho. The relationship is positive enough for commercial exchanges beneficial to both nations to take place on a regular basis. However, this tends to irritate the Republic, which is afraid that the Onatach Empire will put the Kingdom under its belt.

Trade & Transport

As seen during the Western War and upon first contact with this species, onatachs, like all entities within the galaxy, transport, whether of goods or people, is carried out thanks to wormholes which allow almost instantaneous travel between systems. Within the systems, the onatachs have their own version of the Star Drive which allows them to travel above the speed of light.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Although not knowing its purpose or function, the Republic has learned that the Empire has an assembly called the Imperial Assembly, we do not know on the other hand if this assembly is democratically elected or appointed, but the fact being that this assembly seems to elect the ruler of the Empire.
Executive Body
All it's know is that the executive is headed by the Emperor.
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