Alliance of Alpha Quadrant


The AAQ is a military and economic alliance between the Federal Republic, the Zelvan Council and the Myrran Trade Union. The leaders of these three entities meet every year during the Alliance Council in one of the three capitals where the Alliance Council is held. These may be held more than once a year when necessary, usually at the request of a leader, but they are remote to avoid the disadvantage of a full move. It is during this council that major decisions are made, that changes are made to the articles of the Alliance Charter and common military actions can be decide.

Public Agenda

The overall purpose of the organization when it was established was to encourage trade among members, to ensure common prosperity and security through military assistance to a member victim of foreign aggression. All these goals are articulated in the Alliance Charter, the founding text of the Alliance and which serves as its legal document in the event of a dispute between two members.


Partially created in 2223 with the signing of a diplomatic treaty affecting military and economic cooperation between the Federal Republic and the Zelvan Council. It will be officially created in 2268 following diplomatic pressure from the Zelvan Council which supported the requests of the Myrran Trade Union to join the old treaty. The foundation of the Alliance will be accompanied by the signing of the Alliance Charter which will establish common rules for all members of the Alliance. Throughout the history of the Alliance, it will have a major impact on the geopolitics of the alpha and beta quadrant of the galaxy. She will be involved in several wars and other important events, but which will not change her in depth. Indeed, the Alliance Charter will change only slightly throughout its history, except for a few rare occasions.


The Alliance does not have an army as such, but the combined might of the three members' armed forces makes it the organization with the greatest military strength in the entire galaxy. Even if there is no joint command, most of the time, during a joint operation, an agreement is made between the various members involved to appoint a person in charge of the operation.
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Alliance, Generic
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