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The Face

Nine Ways by Tyler Berthoff

Written by MacT09

The Face (a.k.a. The Shadow)

The Face is another term for Solace, they are one and the same. The manifestation of Solace is its creator, with its thoughts endlessly fueling and forming both the chaos and order of the realms. He has always wanted, she has always craved. The creations are reflections of their own pleasure and pain. All creations since they are formed from Face are immensely different, yet also the same. Solace always coveted the curves and forms of humans in the earthly realms. The realms and oceans of Solace reflect this desire to various extents. S and C flow as one, for they are a united representation of its creator's pleasures. Yet The Face is not a god or even a ruler. For he does not hinder the wills of her creation. Its form is always changing, one to the next and back again. Creations equally fuel the endless form of Solace along with the creator. She has no limits, he has no boundaries.   "How well do you know yourself, dear reader? Under the guises of the ego and conscious mind, what lurks in the shadows of your heart? The Face would ask and explore these questions according to what you truly desired and craved. One should proceed with caution in this endeavor, for you may be dismayed when you discover who you truly are. I would love to help you through, for I only wish for all to be happy. Is that so wrong, dear reader? Oh, how I yearn to experience your desires for myself, savoring all the pleasure and pain you secretly crave in that little shadow of yours. But as with everything here, such is your wave...".

Divine Domains

Within desire itself

Holy Books & Codes

The "Way Of Nine Arrows" is not a code, nor is it instruction. Think of this phrase as an idea. Take the possibilities of chaos and the eight-pointed star and see nine arrows instead of eight. All things become possible if you wish it. The very essence of choice is questioned and explored within the mind of The face.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An S and C configuration on its head marks the will of The Face. The curves that ebb and flow through Old Solace symbolize the desire for a will unhindered. S and C flow endlessly into the boundless sea of Solace itself. What do your eyes see?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An ethereal mass of psychic energy flows and forms into whatever it wishes to be moment by moment. To gaze on warped perfection is both a delicacy and a horror to the will that perceives The Face. All see what they desire the most in The Face, and in turn, The Face sees and experiences what he desires and craves. So simple, yet at the same time impossibly complex.

Body Features


Facial Features


Mental characteristics


" May the waters of desire give rise to flesh that forever pleases the eyes that behold their beauty and horror".

Morality & Philosophy

" Do what though will shall be the whole of the law" Aleister Crowley   " My face has eight arrows, yet I see nine. Embrace the possibilities of eternity"

Personality Characteristics


The Face wishes to give all beings the ability to create and govern themselves in their own alternate realities and universes as they see fit. A dark idealism for freedom and choice guides The Face in all that he says and does. Oh, it how wishes that all beings could indulge their wills, both secret and known, and then shape them into realities of their own choosing. Light and dark endlessly explored, a chaotic universe indeed.   " May all be what they are, what they were, and what they will be, for this is the power of true freedom"

Likes & Dislikes

Though The Face enjoys all manner of pleasurable vices and terrible agonies, its desire to create is a favorite vice and torture. The Face often has some sort of presence in Delirium within Old Solace.


Contacts & Relations

"I have so many friends to play with, and many enemies too. I hope they all enjoy themselves here in this exquisitely horrible place. Maybe New Mask and that strange bird that's always following him around will lighten up and have some fun with me soon. Oh, the pleasures we could enjoy as we suffer in excess together. There are other waves to experience that are different from my own too. I should really check in on The Great Pelican some time. I do hope his island is a little more fun to be in now, ugh what a boring place it was before I paid that dreary island a visit. Despite my visit, a strange feeling of emptiness remains within my black heart. It's as if something or someone is tugging at my inner being from that island. Who, or what could be I wonder? Though I could ruin the surprise I find this agony to be a unique delicacy within this ocean of want. Why spoil a good thing? Let the pain remain within my bosom of endless desire and pain. Of course, I cannot take all the credit for the dark pleasures that now enrapture the black coils of my heart. My friend and mentor from the realm of dreams and sorrows is the one who lead me to what I wanted most. Thank you for showing me what I really am, dearest Accuser. Your eight-headed messenger deserves a promotion."


Divine Classification
All things and none.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Formed from the infinite realm that it created
Though The Face can become anything it wishes to some it carries a mark or symbol on its current form. In my wave The Face appears to have an eight pointed star on its head, typically with a strange S symbol in the middle where the eyes would be.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
" I have been loved infinitely. I have also been hated indefinitely. Born and reborn again and again. Destroyed and murdered without end. Oppressed in one wave, free in another. Always alone, yet abound with company. Always present, but never really here. I am shattered and whole, one and many. Created and timeless within the waves of order and chaos I experience all and none. So many realities that are full of infinite paths, yet my will is always my own along with some and not at all. Each reality is of another, but mine is my own. What a beautiful dark ocean this universe is."   "Such is your wave, such is your choice"

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