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Within the dark beauty of order and madness, countless realms are formed. Among oceans of sensuality, entire worlds flow within the storm. Control and freewill are endlessly explored, consciences always clear. Endless pleasures are indulged, unending experience the standard tier. Order and chaos coexist as one. Endless doors and planes, never to be undone. Stable yet unlimited. Formed, yet formless. What wonders will dwell here in this hidden place? So many treasures unmasked, a lifetime of wanting has created a face. That face is Solace.   I remember that for most of my life I did not really know what I wanted. Many people asked me that question, usually trying to point me in some direction that they felt was the right path to take. But despite friends, family, trying to help I could never find the answer. Over the years the pain grew and grew until finally, I broke, shattering into the darkest abyss of despair that I have ever known.   Yet in this darkness, I found something that I had previously lost, the desire to create. What is this desire, and why do I have it? Is it a part of who I am, and if so are there other parts waiting to be found and explored? What is the truth of my being? Do I wish to know myself and all that is desired and wanted? Am I willing to dive into the shadow of my nature to discover who I am?   Solace is a world shaped by these questions and many others. The very essence of desire and self is experienced here. Yet I wonder if you are willing to explore these concepts? Are you prepared to dive into the dark ocean of my mind, and perhaps your own? Be warned, journeys into the soul can be more perilous than adventures of the physical planes. If you are curious enough to take that chance, then please dive into the waves of Solace.   " For those who wish to make their own Heaven, know that you will only forge your own Hell instead" Tyler Berthoff   The Eternus wants...