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Written by MacT09

Accuser (a.k.a. The Fallen)

Accuser by Tyler Berthoff
There is a Messenger that is unlike any other of its kind lurking the halls and bridges of Oculus. This Messenger is widely known across the dreamscapes of Oculus and his fame, or infamy may even reach into other realms and waves of existence. He goes by many names and wears many more masks to the pleasure and agony of all wills that are found by him. Within this wave of Oculus, he is simply known as "Accuser" or " The Fallen one". How long Accuser has been wondering the tendrils and bridges of Oculus is a subject of great and terrible controversy. Some say that Accuser was once a very beautiful star that shines brighter than all of the other stars in the paradise that he once called home. Accuser was supposedly known by a different name then, but as to what that name could have been is only known to Accuser himself. Legend says that despite his perfect beauty and brilliance Accuser burned up in his own light, falling from his glorious home into a black abyss of unquenchable fire and profound decay. From this pit of suffering and blight Accuser casts out his will to as many waves as he can reach, hoping to seduce and lead many other beings to him so they too may wallow in their misery together. Of course, that is but one tale among many about this supposed fallen star. If that tale were true then how would he be here in Oculus then? Accuser calls himself a Messenger, and those beings have been in this wave from times that flow beyond time. That would mean that at least some of these Messengers would be from where Accuser is supposedly from, but can't really be true either. I've seen him myself, though only a couple of times mind you. Take it from me, Accuser doesn't look like any star I would imagine, on the contrary, he looks so harmless, almost passive in his beguiling nature. Compared to some of the other Messengers forms Accuser's appearance seems so mundane when a comparison is made between them. Contrary to his name, Accuser never seems to accuse anyone, rather he encourages and uplifts others to follow their own desires and dreams, no matter what they might be. I remember one being visiting him that had a peculiar eight-pointed star embedded onto its head. Accuser shows that being nothing but kindness and approval, an almost jovial excitement for whatever that being wanted to be. So if you desire advice on what to pursue or maybe some direction go and say hello. I hear that these days he dwells in Morphiris, sharing his wisdom with other Messengers and dreamers alike.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Accuser's appearance is rather simple, so simple in fact that many are surprised when they first meet him. A robe made of torn shadows covers a seemingly aged and decrepit form. The robes themselves are full of tears and damage from an unknown source, considering that no known being has ever fought with Accuser before. His face is covered by a mask that almost resembles a child's face. Disarming in its appearance, the mask that the Accuser wears is said to calm any heart that gazes upon its youthful form. Strangely the mask itself is also damaged. A crack in the white paint of the mask can be seen cutting across the face of Accuser, though just like the robes that Accuser wears, this damage can't be from any being we know of. For who would hurt such a gentle creature like Accuser? One must remember though that this could be but one of many forms that this humble being can take upon itself...

Physical quirks

Accuser is said to hide a nine fingered left hand underneath the sleeve of his robes. Though often dismissed as nothing but a harmless rumor, some swear that Accuser's bizarre hand has strings wrapped around the fingertips of each individual finger. If this were true, then I wonder what use could these strings possibly serve in a realm such as this? Of course, it's only a rumor...

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known of the strange and gentle Messenger known by many as Accuser. He dwells in Morphiris, mentoring all those that wish to follow their dreams and nightmares into blissful pleasures and agonies alike. If the Messengers had a leader, Accuser would be the Messenger that all Messengers aspire to be like, for Accusers, wisdom is said to be able to guide any being to the perfect realm of their dreams, no matter how grand those dreams may be. Though idolized by many, some reject the many tendrils and bridges he offers them in favor of a grander, lighter path. Accuser generally approves of almost every path, save for the path of Triad. With great knowledge and charisma Accuser seems to dissuade all beings from Triads call, telling them the path of light will never fulfill their wildest dreams and desires. What could cause such strife between Triad and Accuser? Though Accuser claims that there is no real hostility between him and Triad, one has to wonder why Triads bridge of light is singled out for rejection by Accuser and his Messengers.
Current Location
Where do you come from, Accuser unknown? Who knows your true face, veiled by the broken mask that you own?
Current Residence
Blackest eyes, voids of mystery. They see many things as hearts from every realm move and dream.

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