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The Great Pelican

Written by MacT09

God The Great Pelican Jesus (a.k.a. The Pelican)

He is the source of all families, both rich and poor. A great bird sits atop the mountain, bleeding for all as his chest is torn. Both mighty and humble, ever watchful of his flocks. Those that gather near him, comfort and strength they receive, forever safe on the paths they walk. The Great Pelican is his name, though he has many more. King of kings, and Lord of lords, both the lion and lamb symbolizes The Pelicans core. Justice and mercy shine on all of Hacienda, both those close to him and far. Only those who have fallen into the chaos and fire are separated from creations divine morning star. Follow him, you who seek harmony and peace. Follow him, you who seek relieve from your heartfelt darkness and grief.   So many forms, and so many names. Infinite possibilities, yet he always the same. Divine Love, the foundation for all. A savior's grace removed a truly dark and terrible wall. Perched on high, yet he flies so low. Sharing many gifts, and opening many hearts as he reaps and sows. Great wings shed their light, protecting both the meek and the small. White eyes watch diligently, keeping many safe where without him they would fall. Eternal and ever-present, Hacienda is kept alive and warm. For without The Pelicans grace Hacienda would be consumed by the Eternus Of Desire with its endless torrents and storms.   Such jealous love lies within his heart for all creatures and other forms of life, desiring only peace as The Great Pelican makes their hearts his everlasting home. Though his form is plainly seen from across the land The Pelicans spirit is truly omnipresent, for nothing is unknown to him. One has to wonder then if The Pelicans reach extends beyond Hacienda Isle? I would be inclined to think so, for what enemy could hope to stand against The Great Pelicans grace spreading to every heart? So many have tried to stand against The Pelicans love, including The Face. Even that dreadful evil will not outlast The Pelicans love. So many secrets within the heart of The Pelican that not even his closest family knows them all.

Holy Books & Codes

An ancient word, spoken before time. The sacred scriptures they are called, a Bible most divine.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Chi Rho adorns the three heads of this mighty Pelican. Divine power and gracious humility come together into one, divine form.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Massive in size, with feathers that are whiter than the purest snow. Great wings extend outward, touching the ends of Hacienda itself. Three heads watch over the land and the creations that dwell within. One head watches over the children, while another watches over the adults. The center head keeps its eyes on its enemies, restraining all evil from getting too close to his divine family.

Body Features

Every feather that grows from The Pelican's body is said to be inscribed with names that are precious and dear to him. The writing that is inscribed upon his form is ever-changing so that all may know and understand that no matter what language is spoken, or word written that every being may know that they are dearly loved and cherished above all things. Holy light emanates from The Pelicans divine form, sending out rays of various intensities to the four forests of Hacienda. Each ray of light is imbued with a particular blessing that is needed for a creature at that given moment in time, thus the blessings are ever-changing, and endlessly supplied.

Identifying Characteristics

Though The Great Pelican is both physically and spiritually perfect, there is a great wound that is slashed across his chest that is immediately noticed when observing The Great Pelican at any place in Hacienda. The wound was not caused by an enemy, but rather this great gash was self-inflicted upon his own flesh. Divine blood mixed with holy water gushes forth from the massive gash, descending down Mount Shaddai in the form of great waterfalls emptying themselves into mighty steams of sanguine mercy.

Personality Characteristics


Who or what can lay claim to having a selfless heart? When we examine our own desires and wants what do we find within the depths of our souls? Though most beings cannot claim true goodness and humility I know of only one that can. The Great Pelican is without any doubt the mightiest being in all of Hacienda, for no creature could ever hope to match the very source of all power and life himself. Yet, despite such sovereignty The Great Pelican is also, ironically the lowest being in all of Hacienda. For just as he is all-powerful, so too does he use all of his great power for others and their needs. A mighty king that is above every king is also the humblest of all servants in the land that he chooses to protect and serve. A perfect balance is maintained within the holy heart of The Pelican, never swaying between divine truth or gracious love, but equally valuing and perfectly applying both virtues within himself and all that follow him. Such is the selfless motivation of a truly holy being.


Family Ties

Countless families make their homes and settlements adjacent to The Pelicans mountain. These families are truly one in both faith and spirit as they bask in the glory of The Great Pelican who in turn showers his people with his endless grace and divine protection. The oneness present around the mountain however is fiercely opposed by some who view The Pelicans love as an affront to personal freedom and choice. As there are many that love The Great Pelican, so too are there many that hate him with all their being. Families and individuals who have strayed into the outer borders of Hacienda become cruel and selfish in the heart. Having lost all sensitivity within themselves and those around them they now seek to purge the very light that they destroyed within themselves. Though The Pelican wishes for peace, many choose war instead, always rejecting The Pelicans gracious love in favor of fear and self-fulfillment. As you have read you no doubt see the superior power that The Great Pelican possesses. No hostile creature no matter how devoted can destroy him. Thus the inner families of Hacienda remain safe and secure under the amazing love of The Pelican. Between the inner families and the lost beings of hate and darkness are the outer families that have drifted from The Great Pelican, yet are not entirely lost. Though oftentimes damaged in some way these outer families are still deeply loved by The Pelican. Nevertheless outer families are torn between love and fear and are caught in the midst of a terrible conflict of the heart. Because of this divide The Lost rage their eternal war on not just The Pelican, but the outer families as well. Still The pelican fights for them, though some may not want him too. Perhaps the most tragic element in Hacienda is that at one point all were close to Mount Shaddai and The Great Pelican before some individuals and families chose to abandon him.
Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Current Location
Purest white, holy flames burst forth. Ever watchful of his sheep, The Great Pelican see's and knows all.

Cover image: The Great Pelican by Tyler Berthoff


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