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The Face by Tyler Berthoff

Written by MacT09

" Everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation" Carl Jung   Imagine a balloon tied to a weight. Solace is the string that flows in between them. Two people venture into a realm and perceive the same world. The same two people can flow within that realm and have completely different experiences. Within a realm, a form is stable until one desires to change it. This change happens within the waters that surround the realms. These waters are called Apotheo Eternus, endless oceans of chaos that connect all desires. Whether you desire chaos or order the choice is always yours. Control is always yours, even if you forfeit it. Any will can follow itself without the oppression of another, even as one desires oppression. Infinite realities within the oceans of desire and thought. The realms themselves are opposite, stable forms of a particular vice, feeling, or idea. These "Ideas" are fixed and accessible to all the pleasure and vice of that particular realm. Denizens of various realms often visit and share with one another various gifts and curses, for some want everything as others want nothing. Even nothing is its own ecstasy. Exist, or don't, both, back and forth. Chaotic control made manifest.   Focus on the room you are in, and consider every possible choice and outcome that can occur within that space. Everything, every thought, every action, nothing at all, consider all possibilities. Then think of those choices as strings lined up against one another. Some strings would be practically identical save for maybe one tiny difference, perhaps a difference as small as an atom. Other strings would be vastly different as white is different from black. Now take those strings and extend your scope to the universe you live in and consider what is possible. Once you have done this extend your scope again, and again, and again, etc. Now give people the power to choose the string that they want most, and see if not all wills and desires can be satisfied. That is Solace.   Within my own wave, Solace reflects all my wants and desires attuned to my own soul. Knowledge, understanding, pride, glory, strength, creation, and many others are all connected by the want of control unbounded by a forced reality. All of these things have been taken from me in the Earthly planes, leaving a saddened heart that dives deep into the subconscious to find true peace. Is it the truth that hurts me, or is it the lies that leave their sting? Worst fears realized, reality in question I swim within myself, no walls here. Every realm connected and shared, yet I wonder if my realms would even appear for someone who doesn't desire what I crave? Would there be any at all for you, or maybe there would be new realms that my passions cannot see? What strange wonders Solace will hold for us. Whatever this place is within me it has always been there, I just needed to find it. Pain and pleasure of Solace, various in form, the pain and pleasure of giving, taking, back and forth. This is only my wave, my version of Solace. What is your wave? What is your Solace? For to find Solace to don't go out into the world, but rather you venture inward. As you look into my small wave I dare you to discover your wave within this ocean. Find your passion, find your Solace.


This wave of Solace is an infinite mail storm of water and will. Endless energy writhes in the tides of pleasure and pain. Lightning ebbs and flows through the ocean, illuminating the endless streams and currents collapsing and forming on one another. Amidst the waves and storms, one's desire would see a culmination of black spheres flowing through the chaos and disorder. Each sphere is a gateway to a realm of your desire's choosing. Amidst the black orbs and restless turmoil abounding all around, however, is a realm of pure order. A white Sphere stands firm in the ceaseless tides of desire. Absolute, unyielding, and united in its purpose it slowly grows in the darkness.   Infinite possibilities flow as one and many. Waves within waves, endless worlds are aplenty.Hacienda, Oculus ,Sovereign, HevelThe Gates Of Dolor being but a few of these strange currents that flow here.   " Its name is nameless, for it is both you and me. This Eternus of desire that's full of every kind of dream" Solace

Fauna & Flora

Some realms are full of every kind of plant and tree. Others are barren wastelands, devoid of anything living. But that depends on what you want in the realms of Solace.

Natural Resources

Varied according to the realm and desire one wishes to experience.


  • Solace
    The ever changing map of Solace now lies in your hands. Let your desire find its way threw the waves of pleasure and pain. What is your Solace?
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Author's Notes

What is a daydream? Is it a window to something else, a different reality perhaps? Is this earth Im bound to real, for what is reality in the first place? My imagination creates things within my mind that exist for only a moment, yet those things are not real. Solace is not real... or is it?

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