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Old Solace

Written by MacT09

Apotheo Eternus by Tyler Berthoff
Within my wave in the endless ocean of desire and torment, thirteen minus one realms have come into being. Each realm is a piece to a greater puzzle, the puzzle of self. Apotheo Eternus connects the realms via its energy webbed waters. Though not a realm in and of itself it is the source for them. A balance of light, dark, chaos, order, etc. One small wave in the ocean of consciousness, everything and nothing all under my control. Nine arrows mark the way to this place, a perception that goes beyond laws and rules physically and spiritually. Both twelve and thirteen symbolize Solace, my Solace.   Yet there is another wave forming. A Singular, united realm forms within the Old Solace, gradually becoming the New Solace. It came from outside, slowly pushing out the old self. A great conflict has arisen between the two universes, old and new, sinner and saint locked in conflict until the end of this life. Within this conflict a fractured being is divided further, giving rise to a unified new creation, yet the old will not be defeated so easily. One has become two within me. These two halves are called "Old Solace" and "New Solace respectably.   The Old Solace is like a broken mirror, with every shard connecting to a greater whole. I invite you to venture into each realm so that you may experience your greatest vices in abundance. Come and see what each realm has in store for you, even the ocean in between the realms can become your abode if you wish.   Delirium- The first realm to form in the Eternus of desire. This world emulates the chaos of Solace, foreshadowing struggle within its curved spires. Journey forth through this world, its strange landscape mimics oceans of want. Within the center of Delirium, you will discover the Maidens Eternal Font. This great palace holds the secrets to all life. Within the towers endless halls its birthing rooms are always ripe. Centered within the main spire lies the Sacred Forge. Some life in Solace starts here, Maidens blood fills its gorge. Venture higher into the main spire and you will find the source, a great sanctum full of Maidens gathered in beautiful concourse. Centered within this Concourse of creation and life is the source of all Solace. The manifestation of want itself, always craving, boundaries demolished. Its name is its face, ever reaching into the endless space.   Nativity- The realm of blossoms, nurturing, and youth. Many pleasures of development are felt here, along with the pain of truth. The innocence of childhood, and the pain of being small. There are many unique sensations here, don't you feel the emotions call? Sparkling twilight shines with great power, starlight shared with the beautiful Nativity flowers. What a peaceful quiet place this is, despite the silent cries within. Venture forth little ones, when you are ready for Solaces kiss. Some Maidens only create, others raise and tend to their progeny. Most venture back and forth, their wills demonstrating life's great odyssey.   Draconis Sanctum- Crystal caverns adorn a dark sky. The dragons walk here, and sometimes they fly. Knowledge is a vice, wisdom a curse. Both are equally valued, what do you want to know first? Every cavern holds tablets of stone and fire. Will you find what your searching for, all that you desire? Even the quest for knowledge is a pleasure and pain all its own. One should not be afraid of the Infinite tablets and stones. If you ever need assistance, consult the dragons within the caverns. They see all things, even your heart's secret pleasures. You only need to ask and they will share their treasures.   Valkor- Great city of emerald and light, adorned with every gem its infinite beauty takes flight. Home to the Giants, masters of diamond and stone. They craft great wonders, glory in achievements are sown. Every tower soars higher and higher, gems always shining and reflecting prides inner fire. The core of this realm is never dry. Endless gems are drawn forth, may they build to the skies. Mighty halls, great effort is given. May Valkor always grow as an endless glory that will always glisten.   Arachnios- Boundless swamps of sensual excess. The air is a sweet miasma, breath it in and let go of all your stress. Every stalk and fungus grows within the brush. Step forward and experience them, go reach out and touch. Among the entwined webs and cypress trees, hives of Aracnoids make their home. Strange materials are molded and formed, interrogate networks shaped, and honeycombed. A misty sky, bathed in dull stars. They shed their faint light, both near and far. Exotic ingredients of all kinds are shared. Let senses run wild, leaving behind all your cares. Open ones being, expand sensitivity. Pick freely from the bayou, an open soul expands inevitably.   Ethereum- Wondrous realm of sound and voice. Clouds and temples resonate with all the music of your choice. A great sky of glass resonates endless tune. To hear its serene sound is to enjoy the ear's sweetest boon. The pleasure of sound stirs all emotions, for desires depicted in music show one's true devotion. From the lightest sound of a butterfly wingbeat to the painful screech of a devastating explosion. You are free to fulfill all desire for sound or enjoy the pain of deafening corrosion. Ethereal beings sing all manners of instrument, sound, and song. Sharing with other realms so they too may sing along.   Sangreal- Eternal realm of mastication and delight. Come dwell within the forest, its fruits will cure hunger plight. Eat and be merry, gorge on the endless feasts. Find your pleasures, drink from sacred cups, and taste the flesh of beasts. Centered in Sangreal lie The First Cup. The blue nectar never runs dry, drink, and cheer up. This endless forest contains every form of sustenance. Trees are both plants and animals that bear fruit of pure lusciousness. Pleasures of Sangreal can fill one being, but the pains of starvation and denial can leave one screaming. But what is satisfaction without the pain of appetite? Embrace the pain of true hunger, so one's pleasure can truly take flight. Climb into Sangreal, walk among the trees. For this, you can be sure the Dryads will help you be free.   Necroruhen- Within the realm of rest and death grand cathedrals rise across the land. Amidst the black churches the grey sky shifts like parting sands. Endless tombs fill the halls of the necropolis within. Beings from across the realm of Solace journey here, eager to rest from life that once had been. To watch over the tombs, to make sure the rest is never interrupted. Silent Reapers wander the halls, their cold eyes gaze on the sleeping dead with a dark seduction. The pains of aging, disease, and rot. The pleasure of rest, sleep, death, and resurrection. As life in Solace is a choice, so is death. Between one or the other one can go, receiving again life's precious breath. Come and enjoy death's sweet embrace. Rest from your labors, lying down in a cold, dark place.   Youl- Mighty mountains of rage, hate, and fire. Black smoke covers the sky, while rivers of lava flow in line with angers desire. The landscape shakes violently with tremors of rage. Smoldering meteors rain down on the land, endless explosions reshape and mold this realm's shape. Destruction for its own sake is a pleasure all its own. The pain of suppression, anger building within your heart if left unchecked can turn a heart to stone. A realm of profound resentment, smoldering in constant wrath. This place will make you stronger, your heart will find its path. Embrace this land, dominate your inner being. Hold nothing back, fight with all your might, without ever fleeing. Home of the Chimeras, who fight for their passions, mastering all.   Grottostein- A watery plain of possessions and want. Within the many sea caves of this boundless reef, there are many treasures to behold, admire, and flaunt. All manners of trinkets and trash alike end up here in this greedy place. One can lose themselves forever, always seeking the greatest thing, embarking on an endless race. The seaweed and other fauna are always looking to grab whatever they can. They always seek what's in front of them, unaware of the lost treasures beneath the sands. Currents ebb and flow through the waters, stirring up old and new treasures throughout the landscape. With ever-watchful eyes, Merfolk travel the seas. There is nothing that can satisfy them, those hearts of endless envy. Come and search, find, and seek. The pain of lacking, the pleasure of having, cares filled their peak.   Schonheit- Within the realm of ever-changing perfection, always moving from one place to the next. A great mansion moves throughout Schonheit, with inner workings that are infinity complex. Walls, doors, ceilings as one, yet I wonder where the floor is? Maybe it's on the run, for that house is always building, moving, and tearing itself down. For perfection is relative to each heart that craves it. Always running after its own beat, a path that's always around. Come and find yourself, embrace yourself, make yourself complete! The pain of ill content, the pleasure of improvement. Find perfection, seek thy peace. Don't cry little one, the Figurines will help you see.   Tenet- Across the realm of sand, belief, and stone. The desire for a conviction can overwhelm all hearts, leading to a faith that was, is, and will be one's own. Ever shifting sands veil old, forgotten beliefs. All the while new beliefs descend from the sky, shaping great pyramids that are beautiful to the eye. Stone tablets of belief shift downward as new ones arrive. An ever-changing matrix to the doctrines of life. Above the realm of sand, a great light illuminates the sky with waves of enlightenment. Ever-shifting clouds cast their shade, bringing ignorance to the light cast on faith's environment. Across the planes Zealots of belief discover who they are. For faith you see, is both near and far. A quest for hope, shine like a star.   Oblitartus- What can be said of the realm of the forgotten? Such secrets surely cannot be known...   Such is Old Solace, all shards revealed. A sinful mirror of self-made manifest. The Face is whole.


A combination of beautiful dreamscapes and nightmares come together and exist according to the vice that is experienced in that realm. Landscapes can vary widely when comparing realms to one another. Within a realm itself, the geography is full of hidden symbolism and meaning that is in a harmonious strife with the desire that dwells there. Pleasure and pain flow as one.

Fauna & Flora

Landscapes within the realms can vary greatly. One realm is full of every kind of flower, known and unknown. Another realm is a blasted hellscape of fire and brimstone.

Natural Resources

All things known and unknown can be found if one seeks it.
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Old Face
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