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The once-great home of the long dead race known as “humanity.” Earth has served as an object lesson for six centuries and an icon of terror for a little over one. For the first 150 years or so of Vector existence, this bombed out husk of a world was slowly regrowing from its own ashes, but radioactivity and planetary danger rendered it fairly unapproachable. For 400 years after that, while it bloomed and flourished as its own brand new Garden of Eden, several expeditions would be launched to see about reclaiming the only “genuinely” habitable world in the solar system. Each would meet with tragic failure. Over the past 100 years, after the first of the Whispers appeared, a brilliant red crystalline shell began forming over the surfaces of Earth and its moon that faced each other. Day by day, a spire grew between them, reaching upward and outward toward each other by means that defy understanding due to the sheer forces involved. Though not physically linked together, the two spires are close enough to one another that enormous bursts of static electricity leap back and forth from one to the next in arcs through space. The sight has been likened by some to watching God’s synapses fire, and for all they know, that may be exactly what it is.
— HSD 2.0 Core Rulebook, page 24

Purported Location

Titan-7: According to Jude Kas, there's an underground bunker / facility that served as hir shelter.
Titan-1 through -6: Logically, there would be facilities leading up to Titan-7, but no one knows where they might be.
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