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Europa is uniquely beautiful, and uniquely terrifying, depending on how much you know about it. On the surface, Europa is TTI headquarters: their largest corptown and their pride and joy, a gleaming ball of crystal water and shining ice. The Europa terraform is localized, using unique pressure waves to isolate bubbles for mini-atmospheres, rendering only portions of the moon habitable to life. Every aspect of the Europa colony project was built using fully recyclable technology in an effort to preserve what was considered at the time to be the most likely location for local alien life. The moon, to this day, is spotless. All things produced can be reused, broken down, or otherwise repurposed. “Trash” is nearly nonexistent, and waste is culturally frowned upon. The result is a population of somewhat high-strung obsessive compulsive individuals, and the single cleanest and most pristine place to live in Sol.
Europa houses the only solid piece of extraterrestrial evidence in the known universe, the only real thing that can be pointed to and said, without a shadow of a doubt, “This was not put here by any of us,” and no one seems to have the damnedest idea what it’s for or why it was left behind. It sits, cold and silent in the deep, below miles and miles of ice and water, guarded by the Orca bioprobes that mutated on contact with it and now lurk in the darkness. While still considered a high priority research target, all attempts to breach the monolithic structure have failed since the first one centuries ago. It’s a fact that has led to no small degree of fury on the part of TTI investors, who can’t figure out how a couple of freak whales seem to be able to keep away fully armed submersibles. Most have never actually seen the famed Europan Orcas. Those who have are far less vocal in their protests and still awake with nightmares of milky eyes and bone white smiles looming inward from the shadows. Aside from its sparkling vistas, Europa plays host to one of the most divergent societies of Vector-kind. All corptowns color their population toward various ideologies, but Europa is completely TTI-owned, and due to its distance, residents rarely move away from it or to it. Other entities do have a presence there, but it’s in small, isolated patches, and always in the minority. This can make visitations to the ice moon of Jupiter a bit unnerving.
Europans are known to be quite polite; they’re just a
— HSD Core Rulebook, page 38
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