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Pyros Station

Pyros Grotto

Station type: space colony, dual O'Neill cylinder, fusion/solar power hybrid.
Population: around 2 million Vectors, Blips and Cogs (fluctuates), 50,000 Monsters, 30,000 Exonymphs, and ~500 specialized Blips.
Manufacturer: Unknown
Original designation: Unknown
Import: raw ore, fusion fuel, rare earth material.
Export: ultra-pure materials, personnel, exotic teas and plants
Political structure: representative democracy with elements of direct
Ruling body: Station's Central Command
Owner: Zieal Miag Gelarson
This station is considered to be a creation of unknown, long-dead human architects, made by one-of-a-kind specialized colony-building Geomat from around the times of MarsCo just recently getting established. The station is owned by Zieal Miag Gelarson, a rather rich collector of human antiquities, who consider it a jewel of his collection.

Due to being a full-fledged Grotto without much resource problems, but with some architecture issues and, as some claim, station feeling hostile to them, it often serves as a home to those who saw too much weird stuff in their lives.
Surprisingly, this station enjoys incredibly high levels of automation, sufficient to run it all on its own, as long as it can keep replenishing resources lost (and its recycling it really efficient). Some wonder, if that's the reason it has survived for so long.
— Analysis of Pyros Station
  A grotto station sitting in Io's orbit. The people aboard run quite a different lifestyle to the rest of Sol, given that they live hand-in-hand with the mysterious, mythological cryptids.

Guide to the Lay of the Station



  • Security guards - usually several Vectors, Blips and Cogs, equipped with somewhat adjusted TF-XOS-5 Goliath motorized exoskeletal armorsuits and armed with automatic shotguns/microwave projectors (with both less-than-lethal and lethal modes, works as Flood weapon). Some 'Vectors' never remove any parts of their suits while around others and are notably reserved - might be Pale Men.
  • Duty-free zone - just a place to unwind and relax. Accepts both normal credits and local currency (TF tokens)
  • Assembler rig control stations - places, where operators of Geomat-like assembler rigs ensure they work correctly and make adjustments, if necessary. Rather useful for maintaining the station and defense platforms around it.
  • Shops - mostly your usual Buyspot-alike, but deeper in the station, some sell less legal kinds of good, like human media, illicit substances and so on. At least a few of those are run by Pales.
The cylinders are named Daedalus and Icarus, left and right, if one were standing in the docks, and looking towards the processing bay.


Sandwiched between the Inner Tubes, and the hull itself sits a layer of machinery, and habitat blocks snaking all around the cylinder.


  • Local offices - as outer sectors are only nominally under the station's Central Command, a lot of those sectors are run by questionable groups, which are only kept in check by station's own automated defences and a network of agreements. However, the rent here is really low. Pales also love to squat around in the unused places here.
  • Equipment halls - many a room here is filled to brim with equipment, designed to keep the station running. Some manage to sneak some more equipment on top of that, like distilleries, growboxes and much, much more.
  • Pale representatives - if you know, on which door to knock and how to greet the unhappy neighbour-sounding dude on the other side of it, you may be able to contact local Pales directly, although you better come to them with something that can catch their interest, if you don't want to have problems later on.
  • Terra Firma symbols - you can still find them around, despite maintenance drones trying to scrub station clear off them a long time ago.


The main space of the cylinders, this includes artificial habitats, and miles of grass, soil, and water. Lining the central axis of the tube is a sunlamp, providing light and warmth to the area.


  • Towns - the internal surface of the station replicates Earthen biosphere to an extent, with a hill-like landscape and a decent amount of high-density towns spread around them (balanced to prevent the vibration of cylinder). Resembles pre-Ruby Spire Japan to an extent.
  • Rivers - more than one around. You can sometimes see Selkies swimming in them, along with aquatic Vectors.
  • Healing facilities - the one thing Pyros is "famous" in certain circles for. Those facilities, placed not that far away from towns, aim to resurrect the forgotten art of true psychotherapy, as opposed to behavioral inhibitors and VR reconditioning. Interestingly enough, in the less-observed parts of these facilities, one can, sometimes, find Pales as patients, instead of usual roles (that is, comparable to mafia dons).
  • Station Central Command - usually their offices are located here. The entire station can be operated from them, if you have the right access codes.

Notable People

  • Kirina
  • Neera Kas
  • Mr. Capo
  • Thundercloud
    Name - BAWACS-03-Thundercloud
    Family - Monster Project.
    Species - Dragon.
    Age - ~30 years.
    Family - BAWACS-02-Magic (mate), Squall (child).
    Occupation - Pale cell captain (formerly), shopkeeper (currently)
    Equipment - custom pushframe, pushframe network, full prosthetic replacements of wings and membrane, wireless hub, neural connectivity suite(for operating robots remotely)
    Trusted Mr. Capo enough to hand the reins of leadership to him.
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