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Summer Camp Reading 2023

Category: a culture that has suffered under the rule of a stronger nation

I chose to dive into this category as the them of oppression looms large within Shadowfire, so I was keen to see how others interpreted it.   If interested, you can also read my response to this prompt: Tokari.


by Rashkavar   I was immediately taken by the idea of the Sighted, those mortals being impacted by contact with the 'Powers' in Rashkavar's world of the Hunter's Dream. These powers being a manifestation of mortals own fears and hopes really resonates with me.   While most of these people being unwilling victims of the Frightful Powers, I really like the way there are those who actively seek out contact with these powers, giving them a semblance of control and agency.   Rashkavar also touches on the idea that these 'Sighted' are seen as gullible fools in a world that believes the powers to be myth. Oppressed by hidden powers, and abandoned by mainstream society - indeed makes them a people who suffer.  
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Dark Society

by AmélieIS   AmélieIS' world of the Dark Lord Seduction Plan has alway been fun to delve into. This Summer Camp, Amélie has added some engaging layouts which have added to the mix of humour that comes from her use of in-world voices.   Flipping the trope of the oppressed group being the practitioners of the dark arts is a really great approach, and something that helps flesh out the villains of a story so well.   I'm basically signing up to support the Dark Lord.  

Inhabitants of Sunflower Apartments

by Revyera   This was my first exposure to Revyera's world, When the Curtain Falls, and has intrigued me immensely. It tells of survivors of a cataclysm that has mystical Lords hunting them with their Doll Puppets for their body parts. Grim, and totally awesome concept.   The Sunflower Apartments hint at the Dolls perhaps not being quite as loyal to their Lords as the Lords might like, but still a force of oppression to the human survivors who live in the Apartments.   Great work, and am totally keen to explore the world of the Curtain Falls more.    

Category: a job that takes its practitioners to remote or faraway places

I enjoyed writing this prompt myself, so wanted to delve into what others had done with it. As ever, the variety is awesome.   If interested, you can also read my response to this prompt: Breakers.

The Doomsday Therapists

by Dylanishere   Really hard to narrow down to one, as Dylanishere excels at using these sorts of challenges to tell stories that cross over all his articles. As a musician myself, the opening narrative of a musician reclaiming his passion after the apocalypse really drew me in.   But then it turns all this into a very cool concept of post-apocalyptic magic shared by these lone wanderers who bring healing to the people they meet. Well worth the read, for the emotional impact, and the very adept use of CSS to guide the story. Definitely take some time to explore the rest of Dylan's Summer Camp articles too.  


by Ecl1psed   I think what i like the most about this is the voice of the narrator who is essentially the job recruitment officer, or perhaps it's the HR induction spiel for the new intakes.   They describe the Soulweavers role and responsibility toward the adventuring party like a lazy and disinterested drill sergeant: "As a rule of thumb, if they don't die, you did your job."  

Cohors Exploratorius

by Kefkejaco   I really dig the details which describe the changes the Roman legionaries would need to armour, weaponry and tactics as a result of travelling to the jungles of the new world.   The way Kefkejaco has also included some nice in-world voice and explored the attitudes of the more traditional-minded towards their far-flung colleagues is a good touch too.  

Category: A myth or truth about the meaning of your universe

The final prompt that was released for Summer Camp was something I really enjoyed writing for, as it made me dive into some of the deeper ramifications of what I'd been exploring elsewhere.   I chose the prompt for my reading challenge as I wanted to see if this was the same for others, and wasn't disappointed. The myths and 'truths' our cultures tell to make sense of the worlds we're building are truly impressive. Here are three of my stand-outs.   If interested, you can also read my response to this prompt: The Defier.

Trees become women

by The Big G   This myth of the creation of women in the Big G's world The River flips our own world's expectations of family and gender in a really engaging way. It drew me in to explore the world building in more detail, which I highly recommend others do too.   They explore the various interpretations of the myth of different groups within the culture, and the impacts of the beliefs on those who live along the River. Can't wait to read more.  

The Penitent Demons and the Stone Hearted Dragon

by Pa_Kalsha   Pa_Kalsha has written a beautiful in-world morality fable here. It shows the impact of greed and selfishness on a community, and the power of penitence and forgiveness over revenge.   Like all good stories like this, its essentially universal. In the opening line, Pa_kalsha explains why - that the people who tell the story keep the names unknown so that the people can "place themselves into the myth and embody the lessons."  

Autonomist genesis

by Naelin   In their world, Symbols of Power Naelin has crafted a creation myth for the dominant religion which shows the genesis of all gods - and ultimately life - from the prime force of Curiosity.   The tragedy behind the myth is the ultimate fate of Curiosity once Life was created, and the ongoing mythical and metaphysical conflicts resulting from this. Its worth following a few of the links to explore the Autonomist religion, and the High Rust event to see how this myth manifests and drives the world. Lovely work.  

Shadowfire goals for the rest of 2023

My goals for the rest of this year will follow the same as what I wrote for my Shadowfire Summer Camp 2023 pledge:  
... to detail out aspects of the world that will provide colour and flavour to the grand vistas and world shakers... They may be your everyday people who simply want to live their lives, or those aspiring for great and terrible things. It may be the stories they tell each other to make sense of the fractured magics and season-less times they live in.
  I think this is why I was drawn to much of the articles i did for my reading. They are all focussed on either the every-day detail, or are using story and in-world voice to explore interpretations of what the world means to them.   My Summer Camp pledge also contains a whole bunch of personalised prompts for me to use in my own writing, covering the areas of the Protectorates, The Uferbrech Archipelago and The Gleaming City. I will use these as sparks to flesh out the world's details.  

World primer

My other goal is the continuing development of my World primer articles. With these, I should be able to keep a handle on the 'in-world' experience while keeping the larger truths mysterious and ripe for player and reader exploration.  

Timelines and chronicles

I seriously need to diagram out my timeline in more detail. Things are getting a bit chaotic and I worry some of my characters are way too old at times to have done the things they're apparently doing... some rationalisation may be in order.  


I think I will need to map out a few locations - especially The Gleaming City and surrounds. Might be time to bring out the paper and pen again. its been a while :-).  
Also, let me know in the comments any aspect of Shadowfire you have burning (or freezing) questions of...

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Timelines are fantastic. I was all over the place with time until I started a global world timeline and made all the events in the universe and in people's lives stack up together.

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