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The Treaty of Delas

The East Colassian Treaty of Delas, more commonly known simply as the Treaty of Deals was signed between the dark elves of Kahdisteria and the gnomes of the Order of Delas.   It was signed in 1613, the 180th Zodiac year of Mera of the The Feudal Era.  It is likely that the dark elves deliberately chose this auspicious year for Mera as a symbolic concession to the gnomes.   The dark elves agreed to outlaw slavery of gnomes forever and freed all their gnome slaves for a very small ransom.  In exchange the Order of Delas to cease all subversive and military action against Kahdisteria and would cease assisting in the liberation of non-gnomish slaves.   The Colassian Confederacy was able to hammer out an armistice with Kahdisteria in 1699 but there treaty only led to a formal cessation of hostilities, no lasting peace was established and no slaves were freed.  The dark elves have not stopped kidnapping new slaves though they have gotten more covert about it.  The vast majority of slaves in Kahdisteria come from forced breeding rather than kidnapping.  For their part, human adventurers have not stopped raiding Kahdisterian ships and outposts but they have also become more covert in their actions.   The gnomes had very few frontline warriors in the Confederacy, but the slave revolts they periodically helped incite weakened the dark elves military position considerably. Most members of the Colassian Confederacy maintain that they could have utterly crushed the dark elves or at least negotiated a better treaty if the Order of Delas never stopped their guerilla warfare.


The Order of Delas was trying to improve gnomish welfare by ending the practice of enslaving gnomes.   The dark elves wanted to weaken the military and political strength of the Colassian Confederacy.

Historical Details


While the initial idea of the Colassian Confederacy was brought forth by humans in 1253, gnomes helped the organization spread to its current membership in 1513.   By the time the brushfire conflicts between the Confederacy and the dark elves grew into a full on war, the gnomes were the backbone of the Confederacy's espionage operations.


This was the turning point event which eventually led to the end of the East Colassian War.

Public Reaction

For most of the humans and half-elves of the Colassian Confederacy the gnomes hammering out a separate peace treaty with the dark elves was a gross betrayal.


Over two hundred years after the signing of the Treaty of Delas, East Colassian gnomes are still unpopular with the humans in the lands of the Colassian Confederacy. Normally gnomes get along quite well with humans in Scarterra. Over the last two hundred years, roughly half of the gnomes of East Colassia have emigrated for friendlier pastures.   One more subtle lasting legacy is that this weakened friendly ties between  the Colassian Confederacy and goblins.  The East Colassian humans and goblins share a common enemy, but little else in common.  Without gnomish diplomats acting as middlemen, it is very rare to see humans and goblins working together.


This treaty has been upheld almost perfectly since its signing.  No dark elf has tried to enslave a gnome since.   This has not stopped every gnome in East Colassia from interfering with slavery in Kahdisteria, they are but if one of these rare troublesome gnomes is captured they are killed or ransomed instead of enslaved.
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