Playable PC races

Depending on the game, nothing is really "standard" or "exotic." Game Masters can allow or disallow any race to player characters. Player character race, like all things involving, should be discussed with the Game Master in Session Zero.   If you have a good character concept and it doesn't clash with the basic campaign premise, almost anything is allowable. If you want a lot of weird powers, that is allowable too but it's going to cost you freebie points.    

Standard PC Races

  dwarves -4 freebie points   elves -4 freebie points   gnomes   half-human half-elves -3 freebie points   half-human half-orcs   humans   kalazotz -10 freebie points   satyrs, -10 feebie points   tengku -4 freebie points  

Exotic PC Races

  These races are very rare, usually not normally a part of civilized society, and/or have exotic powers. You should think very carefully if you want to play one of these and not try to make character like this just because you can.   Arachpliza -28 freebie points   Elf-gnome hybrids -3 free points   Gnome-human hybrids   goblins +3 freebie points   half-dragons and half dragon legacies Variable freebie point adjustment   half-spirit/half mortals variable freebie point adjustment, must select another base race.   kobolds   Man-dwarves -8 freebie points   metamorphs -16 freebie points   orcs


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