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Elephants are the largest non-magical land beasts on Scarterra.   Scarterran elephants are pretty similar to real world elephants with East Colassian elephants greatly ressembling African elephants and Penarchian elephants greatly ressembling Asian elephants. The main difference from real world elephants is that they are spiritually tied to grootslangs.   I have as of yet, barely developed Penarchia as a setting, but I developed a lot of material for East Colassia. Elephants are frequently seen in the artwork and folklore of East Colassia. Many admire their power and cleverness and their family ties and apparent empathy. Elephants are the national symbol of Magicland who seek to embody an elephants strength, wisdom, and soldiarity.   A lot of religious groups view elephants as sacred and many consider them to be divinely associated with Mera, Korus, Khemra, or even Maylar.
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