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Narhau (Nem 'lightning') was the hunting dog and a faithful companion of Farinwél, known from the epic Songs of Daursan and Kauteirin.  

Mental characteristics

Narhau was an intelligent dog. In the myths, he is described to have almost human like mental abilities, understanding the speech of his companions and responding accordingly. He was generally loved by the whole camp and knew how to get attention and treats from the soldiers.

Like many dogs in the mythology, he is also described to have supernatural capabilities. He is able to scare the Wild Spirits away by barking, and talk to the táldar with his howl.  

Physical descriptions

Narhau seemed to have been of a breed of lightly build hunting dogs, that have been common since the ancient times. They are good for hunting down and retrieving small prey such as birds or rabbits, and thus he would have been an excelent companion for the military campain, where the soldiers were tasked for supplying a large part of their diet themselves (see: Highland army rations).  

Personal history

He first appears in the mythology soon after his master. He found Kauteirin, when he was trying to hide from Farinwél, who was pursuing him in a forest.

He was suspicious of Kauteirin at first, but later became his companion when they stayed in the camp while Farinwél and the soldiers were fighting. He often used to curl on Kauteirin's legs, and listen to him playing the lyre and singing.
by J. D. Beazley (original photo)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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