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Common Zeribian dialect as a code

A secret circle, lead by Šiwke Kvešur, is gathering in the The Wandering Toad tavern on New Tower. They have disguised themselves as a scholarly group interested in the local Zeribian culture, but are actually revolutionists planning to overthrow the Republic of Free West Island. They use the local Zeribian dialect as a code language.   The local commoners who speak the language are mostly illiterate, and are not very interested in learning to write because they don't see any use for it. Many of the Zeribian nobility of the West Island understand the language and are litterate, but they are not interested in cultivating the commoner language, and even less in learning the writing system the Revolutionists have created for it. The language they speak and write is Standard Zeribian, a high form of the language that is shared by the Zeribian nobility in all islands. The rulers of the Republic of Free West Island don't usually understand any dialect of Zeribian, and the ones who do (the actual scholars) only learn Standard Zeribian. With one exeption.   Our main character Rowan becomes interested in actually learning how to speak Zeribian, but soon realises that the most of the local people have difficulties understanding the Standard language he has learned as part of his studies as a scribe. He overhears of a group practicing the local dialect, and is eager to join. He soon realises that he has stumbled on a secret society by accident.
The dialectal variation of Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language) is huge. In fact, it's a group of related languages spoken in the many islands of the Eastern Islands. Many Zeribians would be quite unable to communicate with each other, if they didn't have the Standardised language, which is a language used by the nobility, and is based on the dialect spoken on Washleng.
Root Languages
The literacy rate on Salan is pretty low on Salan, and thus any written text is basicly a code for the most of the people. Many merchants are able to make simple notes, but reading any more elaborate texts is very hard for them.


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