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Pit City Of Verbar

As the sun begins to set in the west, you break away from the forest’s edge, glancing about at your new surroundings. About 200 feet before you is a vast sinkhole, several miles wide in diameter. Two ancient, unimaginably large trees stretch across the great opening, with hundreds of comparably smaller trees webbing out like branches to form a complex nest of support beams for the various homes and buildings in the city. As you are guided towards what seems to be a large tunnel in the ground, you’re immediately hit with the strong smell of sap and dirt.   The orcish guard guiding you through the tunnels turns to you with a smile. "Welcome to the Pit City of Verbar," he says with a laugh, "make sure to put out your torches."
  The Pit City of Verbar is a primarily Orcish city in western Bjiord located near the Wall Of Rasda. The city is built upon the ancient ruins of two fallen Tree Of The Leviathan that hang over The Endless Depth and is interwoven with thousands of comparatively smaller trees. Buildings hang from or are built upon the foundation trees, and sometimes are even built inside the trunks themselves.


The ruling government of Verbar is that of an absolute monarchy. One tribesleader leads the entire city, with the tribesleader themselves choosing who will inherit their throne upon their death. If both the tribesleader and their chosen next in line die before a new next in line is chosen, the new leader is selected by a citizen's vote. The current tribesleader is Tavesti Grumkul, with her next in line being the current captain of the guard in the city, Korgmar Venzdal.


While Verbar has a large military force and is difficult to navigate as an outsider, its major weakness comes from its flammability. While much of the city is warded against fire, the warding process is slow and taxing, and the government has difficulties keeping up with the steadily growing populations.   The city is also partially vulnerable to aerial attacks, as aiming ballistas and other aerial weaponry can be difficult due to the naturally winding design of the infrastructure. Because of this, the city has a mounted unit that will defend it using Shadow Wyverns and Shadow Wyvern Riders trained in using Lances should such an aerial attack occur.   A ground based attack against the city would be an overwhelming victory for the Bjiordian Resistance without some massive advantage on the part of the attackers. Nehimph Riders, sporting bows and other ranged weaponry, are trained to be able to fire while their mounts leap from area to area, making melee attacks nearly impossible and ranged attacks quite difficult. On top of this, the city is home to many Druids trained in wood altering magic, allowing them to restrain and even suffocate attackers who step onto the trees.


Verbar is majorly supported by the Bjiordian Resistance, though their nehimph cream also nets a large amount of income. They are also considered a tourist city in times of peace, with many coming to see the Endless Depth.


The entire city of Verbar was designed with quick travel methods in mind. Trees are frequently used as roads or carved into stairs to access parts of the city easier, and gaps in the buildings are left large enough for Nehimphs and Shadow Wyverns to leap or fly through respectively. The city expands primarily vertically, making a large nest of interwoven trees.


Verbar, being the front line defense for the Bjiordian Resistance, is primarily a military city. Most resources stored within the city are in the form of magical and non-magical weapons, armor, ammunition, and the materials to make these resources. However, due to Verbar being one of the few locations to actively breed nehimphs, there is a large supply of Nehimph Cream also stored within the city, primarily in the hospitals and barracks. It is also quite common to find potions and poisons in the city, with many herbalists flocking to the area to access the exotic plants that grow within the Endless Depth.
Large city
Location under
Included Locations
The Endless Depth
Tavesti Grumkul
Owning Organization
Bjiordian Resistance
Characters in Location
Tavesti Grumkul

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