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Nehimph Cream

Nehimph cream is a natural cream produced by the bodies of Nehimphs to keep them warm and their bodies moist. It is known to be an incredibly potent healing stimulator, being able to heal all but the most devastating wounds in very short times, averaging approximately ten minutes. Despite this fact, it is very toxic when consumed, causing vomiting, exhaustion, and severe pain.


Physical Characteristics

Nehimph cream is a thick, sticky, black liquid that has the faint smell of phosphorus. It is slow flowing, and can often be found naturally with bits of grit and plant matter caught in it.


Nehimph cream is quite sticky, and is mildly flammable. It also stains porous surfaces it touches, such as skin or clothes.


While nehimph cream can be mixed with other materials to make it more pleasant to use, such as Water to make it less thick, there are no specific compounds that use nehimph cream as a part of it.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Beyond the standard healing uses the cream has, it also serves as a good insulator against mild cold weather, especially to those in emergency situations.

Reusability & Recycling

As nehimph cream absorbs into the skin, there is no currently known way to reuse the cream.


Trade & Market

Nehimph cream is almost exclusively traded among the Bjiordian Resistance, though small amounts have found their way into mainland Bjiord.


Nehimph cream is generally stored in an airtight Glass container and then heated on a fire for approximately ten minutes to kill off any potential bacteria living in the cream.

Law & Regulation

While there are no laws regulating the distribution of nehimph cream, many laws regulate the ownership of nehimphs themselves.

Common State
Nehimph cream is usually found as a liquid, or in very cold regions as a solid.

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