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Nehimphs are a species of massive golden skinned Toads native to Bjiord. They were originally tamed by the Bjiordian Resistance as a form of easy travel around the continent, but quickly became known for the incredible healing properties of the Nehimph Cream their bodies produce.

Basic Information


With the exception of their vast difference in size, the physical body of a nehimph is very similar to their toad relatives. Other noticeable differences include a vastly stronger muscular structure, denser bones, and tongues that wrap around their target as opposed to sticking to them. Their front feet also feature dull claws that are used for surface digging, primarily for finding vegetables such as Potatoes.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nehimphs sexually reproduce once a year, with the female of the species carrying three to four eggs for one month after fertilization, after which she will lay them in a partially frozen river. After approximately three months, these eggs will hatch into tadpoles.

Growth Rate & Stages

After hatching from an egg, nehimphs will emerge as tadpoles approximately 1 centimeter in length. They will rapidly transform during this time from a tadpole to a toad of about 3 centimeters long, usually over the course of several weeks. At this point they begin to swiftly grow to much larger sizes, reaching their full size in less than a year.

Ecology and Habitats

Though their skin does not require water to keep from drying out, in the wild they thrive best in locations where both water and woodland is present. As their eggs will not hatch in warmer waters, they repopulate significantly faster in colder temperatures.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A nehimph's diet consists primarily of meat, fish, and high starch vegetables. In the wild, they primarily hunt small animals such as Rabbits, or use their tongues to fish in rivers and oceans.

Biological Cycle

Nehimphs do not hibernate, though in warm seasons they will often relocate into bodies of water in an attempt to keep cool.

Additional Information


Nehimphs were originally domesticated by raising their tadpoles separate from the parents, causing them to bond to the owners instead of their own species. This allowed for a much easier training process and the eventual domestication of the species through multiple generations of training.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

While both their eggs and meat are edible, this is massively frowned upon due to the small populations of their species. Their skin constantly emits a cream however that can be wiped off and stored as a strong healing salve.

Average Intelligence

Nehimphs score in at a 4.3 on The Mostlin Scale.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A nehimph has similar vision to that of a regular toad.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
The average nehimph can live to be 40 years old.
Conservation Status
As nehimphs are nearly completely extinct in the wild, they are highly protected by the Bjiordian resistance, having severe regulations on who can own them and where they can be brought.
Average Height
Nehimphs average around four feet tall.
Average Length
Nehimphs are usually around eight feet long and five feet wide.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The entire body of a nehimph is covered in a rubbery orange-gold skin. Occasionally some nehimphs are born with black markings on their bodies, usually in the form of spots or stripes.

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