Keliir (/ˈkɛlɪər/)

Keliir is a Shadar-Kai assassin serving under the Murkwrought Marauders, a faction of skilled warriors and mages dedicated to the will of their dark mistress, the Raven Queen. Trained in the deadly arts of stealth and combat, Keliir is a master of shadows, able to move unseen and strike with deadly precision. Keliir is a fierce warrior, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of his mission and the glory of his master.   As a member of the Gwylltaeth, Keliir is one of the most skilled assassins in the Murkwrought Marauders, feared by even his fellow Shadar-Kai for his ruthless efficiency. His loyalty to Tah'Caluss Yorn is unyielding, and he will do whatever it takes to carry out his master's will, no matter how dangerous or morally dubious. Keliir is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, using his speed, agility, and mastery of the shadows to outmaneuver and outfight his enemies.   But despite his fearsome reputation, Keliir is not without his own inner conflicts. Like many Shadar-Kai, he struggles with his own mortality and the constant threat of death in the Shadowfell. And while he is devoted to his dark master, there are times when he questions the morality of his actions and wonders if there might be a better way to serve the Raven Queen. But for now, he remains steadfast in his loyalty, a deadly weapon in the hands of his master, ready to strike at a moment's notice.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Keliir's face is a study in contrasts. His sharp, angular features are chiseled from the finest obsidian, lending him an air of fierce intensity. His eyes are the color of smoldering embers, their depths obscured by a heavy brow that seems etched in perpetual scowl. His nose is thin and aquiline, and his jawline sharp enough to cut glass. A black tattoo, the symbol of his allegiance to Tah'Caluss, winds its way up his left temple, stark against his pale skin. When he speaks, his voice is low and gravelly, the sound of stone grating against stone. Every expression he wears is purposeful, measured, and betray no hint of his inner thoughts.

Identifying Characteristics

The tattoo on Keliir's left cheek is a mark of his devotion to his master, Tah'Caluss Yorn. The design is intricate, with flowing lines that seem to shift and change in the flickering light of the Shadowfell. It begins at his hairline and wraps around his ear, then curves down to his cheekbone before ending just above his jawline. The tattoo is an ominous reminder of his allegiance to the Murkwrought Marauders, and the dark powers they wield. The black ink contrasts sharply with his pale skin, and in certain lights, it appears to glow with an otherworldly energy. The tattoo is a symbol of Keliir's commitment to his cause, a mark that he wears with pride and reverence.

Specialized Equipment

Keliir's pendant is a beautiful yet eerie piece of jewelry. At first glance, it looks like a simple shard of purple crystal, perfectly smooth and polished. But upon closer inspection, the crystal seems to radiate a subtle, otherworldly energy. Its edges are sharp and jagged, as if it was broken off from a much larger crystal. The color of the crystal is a deep and dark purple, almost black, with occasional flashes of brighter violet when hit by the light.   The pendant is held by a thin black chain made from a soft and supple material, which contrasts with the sharpness of the crystal. The chain is long enough for the pendant to hang low on Keliir's chest, drawing attention to the crystal. When Keliir is under the influence of Divination magic, the crystal's eerie energy seems to intensify, and it begins to emit a faint purple glow, casting an ethereal aura around him. The effect is both beautiful and unsettling, leaving the viewer with an uneasy feeling that they are witnessing something otherworldly.
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