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the Silver Blade

Ithelannar Silverblade was a figure of legend in the city of Myth Wnthalas, a paragon of skill and honor whose name echoed through the ages. As a master bladesinger, Ithelannar had dedicated his life to the perfection of his craft, blending swordplay and magic into a dance of unparalleled beauty and lethality.   Born into a distinguished family of warriors, Ithelannar's exceptional talents had become apparent from a young age. Rigorously trained, he would surpass even the most seasoned warriors in his mastery of the blade. But it was his innate connection to magic and his deep understanding of the Weave that would set him apart from his peers.   As he grew in renown, Ithelannar's presence on the battlefield became a symbol of hope and inspiration for the High Elves of Myth Wnthalas. His Silver blade, imbued with powerful enchantments, would flash like a comet streaking across the night sky, felling enemies with grace and precision. It was said that in the heat of battle, he moved like a gust of wind, swift and unstoppable, his every motion a testament to the power and beauty of the bladesinger's art.   Ithelannar's expertise extended beyond his martial prowess. A wise and compassionate leader, he served as a trusted advisor to High Councilor Elthiriel Bronzekind, offering counsel on matters of defense and diplomacy. It was under Ithelannar's guidance that the martial academy of Myth Wnthalas flourished, producing generations of skilled bladesingers who would follow in his footsteps.   In his twilight years, Ithelannar devoted himself to the preservation and advancement of bladesinging techniques, penning several treatises on the art that would become revered texts among practitioners for centuries to come. His tireless dedication to his craft would leave a lasting impact on the city of Myth Wnthalas, his legacy forever woven into the fabric of its history.   Thus, Ithelannar Silverblade's name would be remembered as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and honor, his extraordinary life serving as an enduring source of inspiration for the High Elves who carried forth the proud tradition of bladesinging.


Lady Eagerbirth

Former Paramour (Trivial)

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Former Paramour (Important)

Towards Lady Eagerbirth




Ithelannar Silverblade and Lady Wysaphyra Eagerbirth's relationship was a harmonious union that celebrated tradition, innovation, love, and respect. Their romance blossomed in the ethereal city of Myth Wnthalas, where they found common ground in their shared values and passions. However, their relationship took a sudden and unexpected turn when Lady Eagerbirth began to distance herself. Citing personal growth and a need to explore new horizons, she gently ended their romance, leaving Ithelannar both surprised and saddened. Though puzzled by her decision, he respected her wishes, believing in her sincerity. Their separation was amicable, and they parted ways with grace, preserving the memories of a love that once was.

Relationship Reasoning

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Behind the facade of Lady Wysaphyra Eagerbirth lies Nyssa Lune, a master manipulator serving Tah'Caluss Yorn. Her relationship with Ithelannar was part of a grander scheme, a dance of deception woven with precision. When her master tasked her with learning about a group of non-elves that recently came to Myth Wnthalas, Nyssa saw the need to orchestrate their separation. Carefully crafting a narrative of personal growth and exploration, she manipulated Ithelannar's emotions, ensuring an amicable separation that would not risk her identity as Lady Eagerbirth. Her true motives remained hidden, her actions a calculated move to maintain her position and assets in Myth Wnthalas. The romance with Ithelannar was a chapter closed with subterfuge, a step towards a new target, and a continuation of Nyssa's intricate web of intrigue. Her dance in the shadows continues, her legacy as Lady Eagerbirth preserved, her true intentions veiled in mystery.
  In the annals of Myth Wnthalas, the chronicle of a grand soiree stands etched in memory, a festivity that honored art and beauty, where Ithelannar Silverblade, the legendary master bladesinger, and Lady Wysaphyra Eagerbirth, the ethereal High Elf noblewoman, first encountered one another. Ithelannar's presence filled the chamber with an aura of strength and wisdom, while Lady Eagerbirth's grace and curiosity radiated a passion for exploration and pleasure.   As the evening unfolded, destiny guided their paths to convergence, united by a mutual admiration for the artistic mastery surrounding them. Ithelannar found himself captivated by Lady Eagerbirth's elegance, her laughter resonating within him like a melodious echo. Conversely, Lady Eagerbirth became fascinated by Ithelannar's sagacity and unwavering commitment to his craft, his words bearing witness to a life steeped in honor and purpose.   Engaging in discourse, their conversation meandered effortlessly through the realms of art, tradition, innovation, and philosophy, revealing a symphony of shared values and passions.   As the hours passed, they were inexorably drawn to a secluded balcony, where the distant city lights shimmered like Celestial bodies. Beneath the gentle luminescence of the Moon, they shared a moment of profound understanding, a connection that transcended mere fascination. In the silence of their gaze, a spark was kindled, heralding the promise of a bond that reached beyond the confines of that singular night.   With a touch that lingered in memory, they bid each other farewell, hearts awakened by an unexpected yet profound connection. Thus were sown the seeds of a romance that, in the ensuing days and weeks, blossomed into a love that paid homage to both tradition and innovation, strength and inquisitiveness. The tale of their union became a cherished chapter in the history of Rolara, a testament to the timeless dance of love and destiny.

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