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Iblis (/ˈɪb.lɪs/, IB-lis)

Iblis (a.k.a. the Unshackled)

Huddled behind an ancient statue of Alessandra, warrior goddess of the Sun, I couldn't believe my eyes. A Halfling, of all people, riding atop a monstrous Agon-Titan, had just shattered the divine barriers of Al-Zaluma's most sacred museum. This place was a sanctuary, a tribute to Alessandra's glory, and here he was, defiling it.   "Tonight, Qareen, we claim a prize that will elevate your might to unprecedented heights," the halfling sneered. His voice dripped with a malevolence that made my skin crawl. "The Scroll of Permanent Awaken shall be ours."   With a roar that shook the very foundations of the museum, the Agon-Titan—Qareen, he called it—obliterated the remaining barriers. They moved with purpose, as if guided by some dark intuition, toward a secluded chamber. My heart sank; I knew what was kept there.   "Ah, they think these paltry enchantments can thwart us? Tear it down, Qareen!" The creature unleashed a torrent of dark energy, disintegrating the magical barriers. As they vanished, I saw it—the Scroll of Permanent Awaken, encased in a crystal display. A relic of immense power, meant to be a tribute to Alessandra's divine might, now in the hands of this... monster.   "Excellent. With this, not only will your strength be permanent, but your capacity for destruction will know no bounds," the halfling said, remounting his Agon-Titan. "Now, let us depart before the city's pathetic 'heroes' arrive."   Alarms blared, magical wards activated, but it was too late. With another ear-splitting roar, the Agon-Titan burst through the ceiling, carrying its malevolent rider into the night. As they disappeared, a chilling laugh echoed through the empty halls, a sound that will haunt my nightmares for years to come.   So, there it is. A halfling and his corrupted Agon-Titan, defiling a sanctuary dedicated to Alessandra, and making off with a relic that could bring untold suffering upon Al-Zaluma. Heroes? Don't make me laugh. If they were worth their salt, this never would've happened. But here we are, left to pick up the pieces, while darkness gathers its strength.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before Joining the Cult of the Maw

  Iblis was born into a modest family in the vibrant city of Al-Zaluma, a place undergoing significant transformation. The reinvention of writing by the Caliphate's scribes and the arrival of Agon-Titans from Vek'ktur were among the changes that marked his early years. Monuments and libraries, inspired by the Librarium of Tatharia Capitolina, emerged under the guidance of the Holy Order of Alessandra.   From a tender age, Iblis displayed an unusual affinity for arcane arts. This talent, however, was a source of great concern for his family. In a society where magical abilities not attributable to Alessandra or her associated minor deities are reviled, Iblis's unexplained powers were a dangerous liability. His family, fearing persecution from the Caliphate, could neither nurture his gifts nor provide him access to the grand libraries and arcane academies that beckoned him. It was during this period of constrained ambition that Iblis first encountered an Agon-Titan. Intrigued by its potential, he discovered a subtle yet undeniable ability to influence the creature, a skill whose origin remains a matter of speculation.  

After Leaving the Cult of the Maw

  The chapter of Iblis's life spent within the enigmatic Cult of the Maw is veiled in secrecy. What is indisputable is that he emerged profoundly changed, endowed with dark powers and an unwavering devotion to Voromos, the Maw. Though he operates independently, his malevolent actions serve as an advanced form of worship, maintaining a spiritual tether to the cult.   Iblis's mastery over Agon-Titans reached its pinnacle after his time with the cult. These creatures, once merely influenced, became fully corrupted extensions of his dark will. Each Agon-Titan he corrupts serves both as a testament to his dark capabilities and as an instrument of his malevolent designs.

Personality Characteristics


The Great Unveiling

  At the core of Iblis's malevolent ambitions lies the "Great Unveiling," a cataclysmic event he believes will liberate Voromos and plunge the world into an age of darkness. This is not merely a desire; it is an obsession, a divine mandate that he pursues with religious fervor.  

Power and Mastery Over Agon-Titans

  Iblis's ability to corrupt and control Agon-Titans is more than a display of his dark powers; it is a manifestation of his need for control and dominion. Each Agon-Titan he corrupts serves as both a testament to his abilities and a stepping stone toward greater arcane mastery.  

Societal Upheaval

  Disillusioned by the societal structures that once oppressed him, Iblis seeks to dismantle the very fabric of Al-Zaluma's society. His actions are calculated to sow discord and chaos, weakening the city's foundations and making it ripe for the dark transformation he envisions.  

Vengeance and Validation

  The persecution and marginalization he faced in his early years have left a lasting imprint on Iblis. His turn to supervillainy serves as both a form of revenge against a society that shunned him and validation of his dark gifts. Every act of malevolence is a strike against those who doubted or oppressed him.  

Arcane Advancement

  Iblis is a scholar of the dark arts, ever eager to expand his arcane knowledge. His independent operations often involve the acquisition of forbidden texts, dark artifacts, and arcane secrets, all aimed at increasing his magical prowess.   These are the dark stars that guide Iblis the Unshackled on his malevolent journey, the twisted desires and priorities that fuel his actions. Understanding them is key to anticipating his next move, a crucial advantage for any who dare to oppose him.
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
1485 PE 42 Years old
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