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The Battle-Mistress

As I stride through the bustling streets of Al-Zaluma, my height commanding attention, I can't help but feel a sense of otherness. Here, amidst the vibrant colors and unfamiliar scents, I am a stark contrast, a towering figure from a distant land. My Mirajin armor, distinct and foreign, clinks softly with each step, a rhythmic reminder of my warrior's path.   The curious gazes of the locals follow me, their eyes lingering on my bare, muscular arms, symbols of battles fought and won. I've grown accustomed to their mixture of awe and apprehension. In my homeland, my stature and strength are celebrated, but here, they mark me as an outsider, a curiosity.   Yet, there's a certain thrill in this difference, a silent challenge in every sidelong glance. Each day in Al-Zaluma is an opportunity to prove myself, not just as a formidable warrior, but as a teacher, a guardian of my people's legacy in this foreign land.   As the sun dips low, casting long shadows on the cobblestone streets, I make my way to the training ground. There, amidst the clanging of swords and the grunts of exertion, I find my purpose. Teaching the art of combat to those willing to learn, I impart more than just skill - I share a piece of my culture, my identity.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Euania, a warrior sculpted by the rigors of Mirajin martial discipline, boasts a muscular and well-toned physique, a testament to her exceptional fitness and agility. Her body, marked by the scars of past battles, carries no aids or abnormalities, save for the stories each scar tells of her resilience and strength. Free from illness or affliction, she moves with a fluid grace, embodying the lethal elegance of a seasoned combatant.

Identifying Characteristics

Euania's most identifying features are indeed her striking stature and distinct attire. Towering at an impressive 6'7", she stands a full foot taller than the average Zaluman woman, making her an imposing figure in any crowd. Her powerful, bare arms, sculpted and intimidating, are a clear display of her strength and warrior background. Furthermore, her attire, markedly different from local fashion, reflects her Mirajin heritage, setting her apart in the tapestry of Al-Zaluma's diverse populace.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life and Training

  Born into the proud warrior lineage of the Mirajin, Euania's destiny was intertwined with the art of combat from her earliest days. As a child, she was fascinated by the tales of legendary Mirajin warriors, dreaming of her own place among them. The Mirajin emphasis on discipline and honor was ingrained in her, shaping her into a person of strong character and unwavering determination.  

The Race

  The defining moment of Euania's youth was her participation in "The Race," a rigorous rite of passage for all young Mirajin. She trained relentlessly, mastering the art of swordplay and strategic thinking. During this trial, she faced numerous challenges, each designed to test her physical and mental limits. It was here that Euania first earned her scars – badges of honor that she wears proudly.  

Early Battles and Reputation

  Upon completing "The Race," Euania quickly established herself as a formidable warrior. She participated in several conflicts, defending Mirajin interests with a fierce dedication. Her prowess in battle earned her respect among her peers, and tales of her bravery started to spread. Euania became known for her tactical acumen and her ability to lead small units effectively in skirmishes.  

A Life-Changing Duel

  Euania's reputation led her to a duel with a renowned mercenary from a rival nation. The battle was fierce and prolonged, pushing Euania to her limits. Though she emerged victorious, this duel left her with a deep scar across her cheek, a constant reminder of her mortality and the brutal reality of combat.  

Journey to Al-Zaluma

  Seeking to expand her horizons and spread the martial prowess of the Mirajin, Euania ventured to Al-Zaluma, a foreign city teeming with diverse cultures and opportunities. Here, she saw the chance to teach her skills and the values of her people to others, offering her services in exchange for Gold. Al-Zaluma's strategic location also allowed her to keep an eye on the movements and politics of neighboring regions.  

Training the Next Generation

  Once in Al-Zaluma, Euania established a training ground where she imparts her knowledge to those willing to pay the price, both in gold and in sweat. Her training is not just about combat; it is a journey into the heart of what it means to be a warrior. She trains her students not only in physical skills but also in the virtues of honor, discipline, and resilience.  

Present Day

  Now, Euania stands as a bridge between cultures, a fierce warrior deeply rooted in her Mirajin heritage, yet open to the wider world. Her life is a testament to the strength and spirit of the Mirajin people, and she continues to write her story with every student she trains and every challenge she faces.



acquaintance (Important)

Towards Alia al-Sirr



Alia al-Sirr

acquaintance (Vital)

Towards Euania




The Fateful Encounter
  The paths of Alia al-Sirr and Euania first crossed when Euania, a foreign warrior of Mirajin descent, arrived in Al-Zaluma. Alia, as the Al-Kāhidah of Bayt al-Sirr, was quick to recognize the potential in the skilled and formidable Euania. Intrigued by her prowess and the allure of her foreign origins, Alia saw an opportunity to bolster her establishment's prestige and security.  
Recruitment Attempts
  Alia, known for her strategic acumen, initially sought to recruit Euania as a jarya for Bayt al-Sirr. However, upon witnessing Euania's exceptional martial skills and understanding her strong sense of honor and independence, Alia revised her proposal, offering Euania a position in the security of her establishment. This role, she believed, would be more in line with Euania's skills and character.  
A Turn of Events
  Euania, valuing her freedom and driven by her own code of ethics, respectfully declined Alia's offers. She was not one to be tethered to an establishment, even one as influential as Bayt al-Sirr. However, Euania was not blind to the potential for mutual benefit. She counterproposed to train all of Alia's workers, extending her expertise beyond the realm of security to empower even the most unassuming staff members.  
The Training Agreement
  Alia, impressed by Euania's initiative and recognizing the value in such training, agreed to the proposal. Euania's training sessions for the workers of Bayt al-Sirr commenced, focusing not just on physical defense but also on discipline and self-empowerment. This arrangement benefited both parties; Alia's workers gained invaluable skills and confidence, and Euania established her presence in Al-Zaluma while maintaining her autonomy.  
The Growth of a Unique Bond
  Over time, the relationship between Alia and Euania evolved into one of mutual respect and professional camaraderie. While they maintained their individual paths, the training sessions at Bayt al-Sirr became a symbol of their unique association. Euania's influence permeated the establishment, bringing a sense of discipline and honor to a place known for its complexity and intrigue.  
The Continuing Saga
  Their relationship, marked by respect and a shared understanding of each other's strengths, continues to add depth to the fabric of Al-Zaluma. Euania's presence in Bayt al-Sirr, though not as an employee, becomes a topic of interest and admiration, while Alia's workers grow in skill and confidence, bolstering the reputation and security of Bayt al-Sirr.

Shared Secrets

There are veiled whispers of Al-Zaluma's moonlit nights, wherein lies the tale of a dance shared between two souls, one of steel and one of shadows, a dance that left behind a trail of unspoken promises and lingering glances, known only to the night and the stars above. Their secret, cloaked in the enigmatic embrace of that evening, weaves a silent thread of connection, an alluring waltz of what was, but will not be again.

Current Location
Bright Brown
Big brown curls
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sun-Tanned and Scarred
165 lbs


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