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Alia al-Sirr

Al-Kāhidah of Bayt al-Sirr, Madam Lyth'ara , of the Sylphs (a.k.a. Alia al-Sirr, Keeper of the House of Secrets)

The corridors of Bayt al-Sirr were awash in the scent of incense and the murmur of veiled conversations. Alia al-Sirr, the Al-Kāhidah whose enigma was as layered as the veils she wore, moved with purpose. Her eyes, ever-changing like the hues of the evening sky, narrowed as she neared the chamber where discord had unfurled its ugly banner.   "Enough!" Her voice, usually as soft as the desert wind, sliced through the clamor like a well-honed blade.   The man, a hulking figure whose demeanor was as distasteful as his visage, scoffed. "You dare to expel me? Do you even know who I am?"   A knowing smile graced Alia's lips. "In Bayt al-Sirr, your name holds no sway. Here, respect is the only currency that matters."   Fuming, the man retorted, "You're not even Human! Rakib, seize her!"   As if summoned by the winds themselves, the Muhafiz officers of Al-Zaluma emerged from the shadows, their armor reflecting the flickering light of the chamber's lanterns. Yet, instead of laying hands on Alia, they grasped the man's arms in a firm grip.   "You underestimate the situation," Alia cooed, her eyes twinkling like the first stars of the night. "Loyalty is a commodity, and here, it has been wisely invested."   The man's eyes widened, disbelief etched on his face, as the Rakib led him out, his futile protests swallowed by the labyrinthine depths of Bayt al-Sirr.   Alia's gaze met that of Al-Ra'is, who had been watching from a secluded alcove. A silent nod, an unspoken pact, passed between them, affirming the fragile equilibrium they had so skillfully maintained.   As Alia returned to her manifold duties, a sense of satisfaction enveloped her. Bayt al-Sirr was her sanctuary, a realm where her edicts were unassailable, safeguarded by the very Muhafiz who patrolled the streets of Al-Zaluma.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alia's form is a whisper of ethereal grace, slender as a reed yet resilient as the wind. Her movements are a ballet of fluidity and purpose, each step a testament to her elemental agility. Unmarred by ailment or affliction, she is the embodiment of an otherworldly vitality, a living paradox of fragility and strength.

Facial Features

Alia's face is like a canvas where nature and Magic have conspired to paint a portrait of ethereal beauty. Her high cheekbones serve as the lofty peaks from which the landscape of her visage unfolds. They give structure to her face, a solid foundation that contrasts with her otherwise delicate features.   Her eyes are the true showstoppers, a kaleidoscope of colors that defy easy categorization. Imagine looking into a sky that can't decide whether it wants to be a clear summer day or a brooding stormy evening. One moment, they're the deep blue of a serene afternoon sky; the next, they shift to the stormy gray of an impending tempest. It's as if she carries a piece of the sky within her gaze, a tantalizing hint at her Elemental lineage.   Her lips are neither too full nor too thin, but perfectly balanced, as if sculpted to whisper secrets or to offer a comforting smile. They often curve into a knowing smirk, as though she's privy to some cosmic joke that the rest of us are yet to catch onto.   Her nose is refined and elegant, neither too prominent nor too subtle, perfectly complementing her other features. It's the kind of nose that doesn't demand attention but rather serves to bring harmony to the rest of her face.   Her skin seems almost luminous, as if lit from within by some arcane source. It has the kind of glow that you can't achieve with mere cosmetics; it's as though her very cells are infused with a soft, ethereal light.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alia al-Sirr, originally known as Lyth'ara of the Sylphs, began her association with Bayt al-Sirr in the pivotal year of 1518. Her entry into this enigmatic establishment followed a series of clandestine meetings that culminated in her accepting the role of Al-Kāhidah. Her arrival heralded a new era for Bayt al-Sirr, elevating both its reputation and operational efficacy through her nuanced understanding of Human psychology and arcane arts. Over her eight-year tenure, she has maintained a delicate balance of power and vulnerability, both with Al-Ra'is and the diverse clientele and staff of Bayt al-Sirr. Her adept management and unique skill set have been instrumental in the establishment's rise in fortunes and influence.


Alia al-Sirr

Co-conspirator (Important)

Towards Al-Ra'is




Co-conspirator (Vital)

Towards Alia al-Sirr




Alia al-Sirr, also known as Lyth'ara of the Sylphs, began her tenure as the Al-Kāhidah of Bayt al-Sirr in the year 1518. Her association with Al-Ra'is commenced after a series of clandestine meetings that culminated in her accepting the role. The year 1518 is significant not only for marking the beginning of her involvement with Bayt al-Sirr but also for being a pivotal moment in the establishment's history. Her arrival brought a nuanced understanding of Human psychology and arcane arts, elevating the establishment's reputation and operational efficacy.   Her eight-year tenure has been marked by a delicate balance of power and vulnerability, both with Al-Ra'is and the diverse clientele and staff of Bayt al-Sirr. During this period, the establishment has seen a rise in its fortunes and influence, much of which can be attributed to Alia's adept management and unique skill set.


acquaintance (Important)

Towards Alia al-Sirr



Alia al-Sirr

acquaintance (Vital)

Towards Euania




The Fateful Encounter
  The paths of Alia al-Sirr and Euania first crossed when Euania, a foreign warrior of Mirajin descent, arrived in Al-Zaluma. Alia, as the Al-Kāhidah of Bayt al-Sirr, was quick to recognize the potential in the skilled and formidable Euania. Intrigued by her prowess and the allure of her foreign origins, Alia saw an opportunity to bolster her establishment's prestige and security.  
Recruitment Attempts
  Alia, known for her strategic acumen, initially sought to recruit Euania as a jarya for Bayt al-Sirr. However, upon witnessing Euania's exceptional martial skills and understanding her strong sense of honor and independence, Alia revised her proposal, offering Euania a position in the security of her establishment. This role, she believed, would be more in line with Euania's skills and character.  
A Turn of Events
  Euania, valuing her freedom and driven by her own code of ethics, respectfully declined Alia's offers. She was not one to be tethered to an establishment, even one as influential as Bayt al-Sirr. However, Euania was not blind to the potential for mutual benefit. She counterproposed to train all of Alia's workers, extending her expertise beyond the realm of security to empower even the most unassuming staff members.  
The Training Agreement
  Alia, impressed by Euania's initiative and recognizing the value in such training, agreed to the proposal. Euania's training sessions for the workers of Bayt al-Sirr commenced, focusing not just on physical defense but also on discipline and self-empowerment. This arrangement benefited both parties; Alia's workers gained invaluable skills and confidence, and Euania established her presence in Al-Zaluma while maintaining her autonomy.  
The Growth of a Unique Bond
  Over time, the relationship between Alia and Euania evolved into one of mutual respect and professional camaraderie. While they maintained their individual paths, the training sessions at Bayt al-Sirr became a symbol of their unique association. Euania's influence permeated the establishment, bringing a sense of discipline and honor to a place known for its complexity and intrigue.  
The Continuing Saga
  Their relationship, marked by respect and a shared understanding of each other's strengths, continues to add depth to the fabric of Al-Zaluma. Euania's presence in Bayt al-Sirr, though not as an employee, becomes a topic of interest and admiration, while Alia's workers grow in skill and confidence, bolstering the reputation and security of Bayt al-Sirr.

Shared Secrets

There are veiled whispers of Al-Zaluma's moonlit nights, wherein lies the tale of a dance shared between two souls, one of steel and one of shadows, a dance that left behind a trail of unspoken promises and lingering glances, known only to the night and the stars above. Their secret, cloaked in the enigmatic embrace of that evening, weaves a silent thread of connection, an alluring waltz of what was, but will not be again.

Lawful Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
1489 PE 38 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization


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