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Darice Elira Tor- Mylitta

A Moment in the Laboratorium

  In the dimly lit corridors of the Laboratorium, Darice Tor stood like a sentinel, her eyes scanning the ancient manuscripts and arcane artifacts that surrounded her. Her armor, adorned with the sigils of the Mylitta and Tor houses, seemed to absorb the ambient magical energy, making her appear as an ethereal guardian. The twin enchanted swords, "Veritas and Fidelis," rested in their sheaths, silent but ever vigilant.   Her hawk-like eyes, deep pools of blue wisdom, momentarily flickered with a rare uncertainty. The weight of generations rested on her shoulders—both the martial legacy of the Mylittas and the scholarly wisdom of the House of Tor. She was the living bridge between two worlds, a guardian of secrets and a mentor of the future. Her stern brow furrowed as she pondered the arcane mysteries that lay within the hallowed walls she protected. These were not just relics and texts; they were the lifeblood of Tatharia, the hidden gears that turned the wheels of power and influence.   As she walked through the labyrinthine aisles, her right leg betrayed a subtle limp, a tribute to battles fought and sacrifices made. Yet, her stride was unyielding, each step a testament to her resilience and indomitable will. Her scarred cheek, a rugged landscape that told tales of valor and loss, seemed to catch a glimmer of the ambient magical light, as if kissed by the arcane forces she so revered.   Reaching a secluded alcove, she paused to glance at an ancient scroll—one detailing the rites of arcane passage. Her thoughts drifted to her son, Daren, whom she had mentored with a blend of stern discipline and maternal wisdom. She wondered what secrets he would unlock, what boundaries he would push. A sense of pride swelled within her, tempered by the ever-present caution that came with her role.   Darice Tor was more than a guardian; she was a living testament to the complexities of duty, wisdom, and love. In that quiet moment, amidst the whispers of ancient Magic and the weight of untold secrets, she found her resolve hardened, her purpose clear. With a final, lingering look at the scroll, she turned, her armor shimmering in the arcane light, and resumed her vigilant watch over the Laboratorium, the sanctuary of Tatharia's soul.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Darice Tor, a woman in her 40s, possesses a visage where ethereal beauty and martial pragmatism converge. Her long, wavy brown hair frames a face adorned with large, soulful brown eyes and elongated dark lashes, offering a striking contrast to her square-cut, athletic physique. Despite a subtle limp in her right leg, a relic of battles past, her body exudes an air of robust fitness and agile grace, unmarred by illness or affliction.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Mylitta Legacy: A Lone Heir in a Sea of Warriors

  Darice Elira Mylitta was born into a lineage steeped in martial tradition, a family of male warriors who had served Tatharia with unwavering loyalty for generations. As the only child, and notably a daughter, her birth was met with a blend of joy and trepidation. The Mylitta family pondered the future of their martial legacy, but they needn't have worried. Darice was a prodigy, a living paradox who would come to embody the best of her family's traditions while forging new paths of her own.  
The Crucible of Youth: Scholar and Warrior
  From her earliest days, Darice was subjected to rigorous training, a crucible designed to mold her into a warrior worthy of the Mylitta name. But her father, sensing the unique blend of intellect and curiosity in his daughter, also introduced her to the arcane arts and the mysteries of statecraft. Darice thrived in this dual education, becoming not just a formidable warrior but also a scholar of the arcane and a tactician of the highest order.  
A Celestial Union: Marriage to Purandor Tor
  In her early twenties, Darice married Purandor Tor, an esteemed astronomer from the House of Tor. This union was not merely a strategic alliance between two powerful families; it was a meeting of minds and souls. Purandor's celestial observations and Darice's arcane knowledge created a symbiosis that enriched both their lives and their respective fields of study. The House of Tor, already renowned for its wisdom, valor, and secrecy, found in Darice a perfect custodian for their philosophies.  
The Laboratorium: A Covenant with the Soul of Tatharia
  Upon her marriage, Darice took on the mantle of Guardian of the Laboratorium, a role that transcended mere duty. This enigmatic sanctuary was a vault of state secrets and a repository of arcane knowledge, and it found its perfect protector in Darice. Her loyalty to Tatharia was as unbreakable as the enchanted swords she wielded, and she became the keeper of the hidden gears that turned the wheels of power and influence in the state.  
Motherhood: A Legacy of Wisdom and Valor
  Darice's firstborn, Daren, came into the world when she was in her mid-twenties. She instilled in him the martial prowess of the Mylittas and the wisdom and integrity of the House of Tor. A few years later, twin daughters Aralu and Aralili were born, adding another layer of complexity and joy to the Tor household. Two summers ago, at a later stage in her life, Darice gave birth to Merodach, a child of her early forties who brought with him a new chapter of hope and promise.


Approximately a year after the birth of her youngest son, Merodach, Darice Tor was promoted to the esteemed position of Knight-Captain. With this promotion, the security of the entire Laboratorium campus fell under her purview. The Laboratorium, a cornerstone of Tatharian innovation and arcane study, became her fortress, her sanctuary, and her responsibility.  

The Role: Guardian and Law Enforcer

  As Knight-Captain, Darice became the chief law enforcer on the Laboratorium grounds. Her duties expanded from merely guarding the arcane secrets within the Laboratorium to ensuring the safety and well-being of its scholars, among whom was her husband, Purandor Tor, the esteemed astronomer. Her role was not merely administrative; she was the sword and the shield, the first line of defense against any threats to the institution and its denizens.  

The Proponents: Allies in the Quest for Knowledge

  Darice found staunch allies among the scholars and mages who called the Laboratorium home. They saw in her not just a guardian but a kindred spirit, a warrior-scholar whose dual expertise in martial and arcane arts made her uniquely qualified for her role. Among her closest allies was the Dean of Arcanography, who shared her passion for unraveling the mysteries of the arcane.  

The Nemeses: Shadows in the Cobblestone Streets

  Not everyone in Tatharia Capitolina viewed the Laboratorium—or its new Knight-Captain—with favor. A faction within the Mercantorum, the city's largest trade organization, saw the Laboratorium's arcane pursuits as a threat to their commercial interests. They were wary of Darice's rising influence and her unyielding stance on the sanctity of arcane knowledge. Additionally, rogue elements within the city, from thieves to dark mages, saw the Laboratorium's treasures as ripe for the taking, making them natural enemies of its guardian.  

The Legacy: A Tapestry of Duty and Wisdom

  Darice Tor's tenure as Knight-Captain was marked by a steadfast commitment to her duties and an unwavering loyalty to the Laboratorium and its scholars. Her leadership style was a blend of Mylitta martial rigor and Tor intellectual curiosity, making her both a formidable foe and a respected leader. Under her watch, the Laboratorium not only remained an unbreached citadel of knowledge but also became a symbol of the harmonious coexistence of martial and intellectual pursuits.




Towards Purandor Tor

Purandor Tor


Towards Darice

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Lady Protector of the Laboratorium
  • Warden of Tatharia's Secrets
  • The Unyielding Shield
  • The Keeper of Arcane Mysteries
Purandor Tor (spouse)
Large brown eyes with long lashes
Long brown waves
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sun tanned with battle scars
135 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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