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Aiukaothr'gnaxr (/aɪ.uːkaʊθərˈgnaksər/ | Simplified pronunciation: eye-yoo-kow-thur-gnak-ser)

The Elder God of Madness and the Void

In the cosmic Abyss, where the fabric of reality twists and turns, there exists a being of unfathomable power and mystery - Aiukaothr'gnaxr, The Eldest. An eldritch entity whose very existence defies mortal comprehension, it is said that Aiukaothr'gnaxr once dwelled in a Void before the birth of reality. The whispers of this ancient being echo through time and space, reaching out to those brave, or perhaps foolish, enough to heed its call.   The void, a place of unimaginable darkness and emptiness, has long been the subject of hushed conversations among scholars and seekers of the arcane. Some say that it was never truly filled, but merely displaced; others believe that the void is a living, breathing entity. Regardless of its true nature, all agree that the void is not to be trifled with, for it is home to a force beyond Human understanding.   Aiukaothr'gnaxr, The Eldest, is neither a deity nor a ruler of any domain. Instead, it serves as a warlock patron, bestowing its enigmatic powers upon those who dare to forge a pact with it. Those who enter into this covenant find themselves forever changed, their minds and souls irrevocably bound to the unknowable whims of The Eldest.   As the whispers of Aiukaothr'gnaxr continue to call out from the darkness, enticing the unwary to delve deeper into the abyss, one cannot help but wonder what horrors lie in wait. Those who dare to embrace the madness and despair of The Eldest's secrets often find themselves caught in a web of eldritch power that, once entwined, cannot be easily severed.   And so, the legend of Aiukaothr'gnaxr, The Eldest, lives on, whispered in hushed tones among the arcane and the ambitious. It is a tale of ancient power, forbidden knowledge, and the inexorable pull of the void, a reminder that in the furthest reaches of the cosmos, there are forces that defy comprehension, forces that should never be awakened.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

There is an enigma that exists in the shadows of our world, a secret knowledge shared only by a select few who have dared to delve into the Abyss. It is the language of Aiukaothr'gnaxr, The Eldest, an eldritch being of unfathomable power and mystery. Those who have forged a pact with this entity find themselves drawn to its symbols and sigils, cryptic signs that represent its influence and presence.   These symbols and sigils are often hidden in plain sight, etched in the corners of ancient tomes, carved on the walls of forgotten ruins, or woven into the fabric of arcane artifacts. They serve as a secret language, a means of communication between The Eldest and its disciples, allowing them to invoke its power and seek its guidance.   Among these symbols is the Eye of the Void, an unblinking eye encircled by a swirling vortex of darkness. This symbol is said to represent Aiukaothr'gnaxr's eternal gaze, watching over those who have entered into its covenant. To gaze upon this sigil is to peer into the abyss itself, to risk being lost in its infinite depths.   Another notable sigil is the Spiral of Madness, a twisting, ever-changing pattern that seems to defy comprehension. The form of this sigil constantly shifts, as if mirroring the fluid nature of The Eldest's influence. Those who attempt to decipher its true meaning often find themselves spiraling into insanity, their minds consumed by the unfathomable chaos it represents.   Lesser-known symbols, such as the Chain of Binding and the Glyph of Whispers, are used in rituals and incantations to draw forth Aiukaothr'gnaxr's eldritch energies. These symbols, when used in conjunction with one another, create a web of arcane power that reaches out to The Eldest, forming a bridge between our world and the cosmic abyss.   In the realm of the Astral Sea, where reality bends and the boundaries of the known multiverse blur, the symbols and sigils of Aiukaothr'gnaxr hold the key to unlocking secrets that defy mortal comprehension. They are the whispered language of an ancient, unknowable being, a testament to the power and mystery that lurks in the depths of the void.

Tenets of Faith

"In the depths of the void, where the stars dare not shine, the whispers of Aiukaothr'gnaxr are woven into the fabric of existence, beckoning to those who would listen."
— Forbidden Tome of the Eldest
  The followers of Aiukaothr'gnaxr, whether warlocks or cultists, adhere to a set of tenets that guide their devotion to the enigmatic entity. These tenets, shrouded in obscurity and entwined with the essence of eldritch madness, form the foundation of their faith.  
  1. Embrace the Unknown:

    Seek the hidden truths that lie beyond the boundaries of mortal comprehension, for they hold the keys to untold power and enlightenment. Delve into the secrets of Aiukaothr'gnaxr's origin and learn the nature of the void from which it emerged.
    "Beneath the blackened sky, where sanity crumbles like sand, the eyes of Aiukaothr'gnaxr gaze upon our world, granting visions of the unthinkable."
    — Inscribed on the Accursed Cylinder Seal
  2. Spread the Whisper:

    Share the whispered secrets of Aiukaothr'gnaxr with those who have the courage to listen, drawing them into the fold of the ancient being's enigmatic influence. Recite the verses of the forbidden tome and inscribe the symbols of the accursed seal upon sacred altars.
    "In the darkest corners of reality, where the boundaries of knowledge blur and fade, the sigils of Aiukaothr'gnaxr reveal the hidden secrets that even the gods fear to know."
    — The Annals of the Unseen
  3. Revel in Madness:

    Embrace the chaotic nature of the universe, recognizing that sanity is but an illusion in the face of cosmic horror. Cast off the shackles of reason and embrace the visions granted by Aiukaothr'gnaxr, even as they threaten to unravel the fabric of your mind.
  4. Break the Chains:

    Challenge the boundaries of society and conventional wisdom, for they hinder the discovery of the primordial secrets that lie beneath the surface of reality. Defy the laws that govern the mortal world and seek communion with Aiukaothr'gnaxr in the depths of the Astral Sea.
    "And so we cast off the shackles of reason, surrendering ourselves to the embrace of chaos, for in the madness lies the truth of Aiukaothr'gnaxr's ancient power."
    — The Lost Verses of the Void
  5. Offer Obeisance:

    Perform rituals and sacrifices in honor of Aiukaothr'gnaxr, seeking to draw the entity's attention and favor, in the hope of gaining a glimpse of its unfathomable power. Participate in rites that involve the blood of the unwilling or the recitation of forbidden incantations under the blackened sky.




Towards The Mythekah

The Mythekah


Towards Aiukaothr'gnaxr


Cosmic Grandchild

Towards Aiukaothr'gnaxr



Eldritch Grandparent

Towards Voromos



In the cosmic lineage of Rolara, Aiukaothr'gnaxr stands as an eldritch grandparent to Voromos, a relationship as perplexing as it is distant. Aiukaothr'gnaxr, the Elder God of Madness, left for the Far Realms after the shattering of The Mythekah, long before Voromos awoke from the depths of the Void. This departure created a unique situation—a lack of direct interaction between two entities intrinsically tied to the same realm.   The implications of this non-relationship are manifold. For one, it adds a layer of mystery to the Void, a realm already shrouded in enigma. The Void serves as a bridge between these two cosmic entities, yet they have never crossed paths. This absence of interaction leaves open the possibility of future encounters, each with the potential to reshape the very fabric of Rolara's cosmology.   Moreover, the lack of a relationship between Aiukaothr'gnaxr and Voromos creates a dynamic tension within the Void itself. While Aiukaothr'gnaxr may be seen as the realm's progenitor, Voromos embodies its malevolent will, a paradox that adds complexity to the Void's already intricate nature.   In essence, the non-relationship between Aiukaothr'gnaxr and Voromos serves as a cosmic ellipsis, a pause in the narrative that invites speculation and wonder. It is a gap in the tapestry of Rolara's history, a missing link that may one day be discovered, with consequences as unpredictable as the entities themselves.

Divine Classification
Elder God
The Mythekah (spouse)
Ruled Locations


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