Zaneth is a busy fishing port. Most if not all of Gilbert’s considerable farm produce flows through this village, as well as the fish which comes into it from the eastern seas. The road to Grunal is usually teaming with wagons going in both directions. It is perhaps the settlement which is furthest removed from the centre of the Lucarcian Continent.


A culture clash is underway in Zaneth. The old era is typified by superstitious fishermen, who are coming into increasing conflict with a new breed of ruthless merchants. It’s becoming common for an entire fish harvest to be bought out by a single merchant, and to be sold on at a profit without (from the fishers’ perspective) doing any real work. Construction is underway to “improve” the harbour i.e. make it more suitable for merchant vessels, but with less space for the fishing boats. So far the tension mostly manifests when coincidence means that a bountiful fishing season clashes with a particularly busy time for shipping. But the problem will only worsen with time, as the Guild influence continues to grow.


  • Zaneth
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Level of Wealth

Settlement Max Price of Items Magic Items Traded?
Zaneth 5 gold No