The Naja Tower

  The Naja Tower is one of the most significant and dominant structures of Northern Ibini. It stands just over 60 feet high and is crafted to look like an erect naja snake poised to strike. The tower even has a crest which is flared like the snake. Created nearly a thousand years ago by a High Magi of the Jade House, this tower is built of a rare and unusual stone quarried somewhere in the southern jungles of Ibini. The location of the quarry is now lost in the mists of time and it is no longer in use. The nearby Paradin Bridge was also quarried from the same stone.
The tower was abandoned at the fall of the Rainbow Empire just after the Sundering, five hundred years ago. It is locked and warded with powerful and ancient arcane magic, which means no one has been inside since its owners abandoned it. The tower faces the river and stands like a giant sentinel over the docks. Rumour has it that should the town of Paradin ever be threatened the Naja Tower will come to life to defend it. Mind you the same is also said of the Paradin Bridge.   A rumour has started in Paradin recently, telling of strange glowing lights being seen coming from the eyes of the Naja Tower. These tales are always third hand. You can never find someone who claims to actually have seen it themselves, it's always passed through a few people first. Some say that with the creation of the fledgling Lucarcian Republic and the lifting of the ban on arcane magic, the High Magi have returned and are practising their fell arts in the tower once more. Others say they never left…
Tower, Mage
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