Northern Ibini

  The northern region of Ibini is the fertile area and where most of the approximately thirty thousand inhabitants live. It is a land controlled by three barons, from their estates. Though each technically swears fealty to the Verdant Queen, she has not been seen in these lands for many years and it has been a long time since any of her representatives have been here. As such the barons have grown bold and are each eyeing the others' territories.


Five hundred years ago the Rainbow Empire was at its height in this region. High Magi of the Jade House specialized in nature magic, specifically in enhancing the powers and longevity of natural predators of the region. The infamous naja snake, a local and deadly venomous species, was a firm favourite with the High Magi, and legends tell they had perfected spells which gave these snakes exceptionally long life spans, whilst adding unusual powers to them. One legend tells that one of the High Magi settlements was guarded by a gigantic naja as big as a horse.   When the Sundering occurred around five hundred years ago, most of the High Magi were killed, and Emperor Lucar degreed the practice and study of all arcane magic banned. It is said that the few High Magi who lived in this region did not give up their powers and instead went into hiding. Legend has it that they exist still, practicing their arcane arts in the shadows. The major settlements they inhabited in the region were abandoned and slowly fell into disrepair and ruin. However the rumours of magically enhanced creatures with near infinite lifespans remained. And of course the rumours of powerful magical artefacts from that long-distant empire also remain. The few souls brave enough to enter one of these ruins and actually return are forever changed. Most will not talk of what they saw, and those that do tell tales which make them sound as madmen.   There are four major ruins from the era of the Rainbow Empire in Northern Ibini, though it is likely other, smaller ruins and remains exist in places. The major ruins are dotted around the territory – with one in each of the Barons’ lands, and one up in the mountains. Ask a dozen different people about them and you’ll get a dozen different answers. But all agree on one thing – they are not to be entered lightly.   With the creation of the fledgling Republic of Lucarcia, the ban on the practice of arcane arts has been lifted. However the population have been so used to the arcane arts being seen as a terrible evil, it is unlikely that they will return to the region very quickly and without a great deal of distrust from the common man.


  • Northern Ibini
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