Paradin Bridge

The bridge which links Paradin and Eli provides a critical section of the Baron's infrastructure. It is made of stone and was constructed back in the days of the Rainbow Empire. The bridge was crafted to appear as a pair of gigantic naja snakes intertwined. At each end of the bridge the giant jaws of the two snakes are open and a traveller has to pass into the open mouth of the giant snake to cross the bridge. The quality of the carving is such that first time visitors to the bridge are often quite unnerved by the prospect of crossing it. The bridge is made from a strange green rock which historians would tell you was quarried deep in the jungles of the south lands of Ibini. The bridge is covered with relief carvings of various predators along its base. Rumour has it that if Paradin is ever threatened the two snakes will magically animate and come to the town’s defence.


  • Paradin Bridge
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