Eli is the northerly most settlement on Ibini. It gains some shelter from the bay into which it nestles, and is Baron Arbek’s primary shipping port for his easterly produce. The villagers here are constantly concerned about attacks from Baron Gilbert’s men to the south, but so far nothing has materialised. Perhaps it be because Gilbert realises his farms are worth more than those of his northerly neighbours.


Eli has one very distinct landmark - a sixty foot tall lighthouse. The structure is built on a promontory which juts out into the Northern Ocean and is reachable only by boat or a causeway when the tide is out. A small house on the island is home to the lighthouse keeper.   Other than that, Eli is mostly just small homes where the locals live. There are the usual little shops and businesses here which cater for a settlement of this size. A baker, smithy and general store can be found near the centre of the village and the one inn is called the Shining Light. It is located next to a small church but the sign dangling from the inn's front shows it is named more for the lighthouse than the church.   A large warehouse is constructed here and is used to store some of the produce collected in the neighbouring farms. Baron Arbek has a series of warehouses outside of the village where the eastern produce is collected, so this warehouse is used as a temporary store for food which comes into the village to be sold onto Guild ships and also for any special Guild items which are unloaded here.   The farmlands around Eli village are not hugely productive and do not generate anything like as much consumables as those of their rivals to the south. It seems that the lands here are simply not as fertile.


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