Grunal Warehouses

The warehouses of Grunal are split. One – the westernmost one, by the river – is for coal, whilst the easternmost one, by the road, is for the food stuffs which come into the town. The latter has a cold cellar where the perishable food stuffs are kept before they ship off to sea in the Guild ships which call at the port of Zaneth to the south. Some fish is kept here; the produce that will be consumed here and in the surrounding hamlets and farmsteads. Most of what is stored here is destined for the infertile island of Manabas. Baron Gilbert’s estates are a great source of farming produce and a lot of it passes through here. The fox and scales banner of the Guild are prominent on the warehouses and they are regularly guarded by enforcers wearing the orange bandanas and sashes of the Baron.
Warehouse, Commercial
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