The Verdant Palace

    The Verdant Palace is well named. Covered with Verdigris, vines and trailing plants, it is difficult to make out the palace structure beneath the foliage. The building itself is constructed of white marble, which is now crumbling in places. The creepers and vines are slowly pushing their way into the cracks and literally pulling the palace apart stone by stone. The intense micro-climate of this region doesn't help, with the combination of mountains and verdant flora combining to ensure that little moisture escapes the area and that it is permanently wet or raining here.   From the outside it is possible to see that the palace is covered with soaring towers and minarets, and the centre of the whole structure is dominated by a huge glass dome, which once would have looked resplendent but now is tarnished and green, with moss covering its northern side. The Verdant Palace looks more like an abandoned ruin than the home of the Queen of Ibini.   The central glass dome rises nearly four hundred feet into the jungle skyline and the marble building itself stretches off into the near distance on both sides to be lost in the jungle. It is impossible to say exactly how big the place is. In what appears to be the centre, one can make out a pair of ornate looking double doors made from the same marble. The doors are carved with swirls and frescos which look chipped and tired. A trailing ivy vine climbs up one side of the doors and meanders across the top to disappear up into the canopy overhead.
Alternative Names
The Jade Palace
Parent Location