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Tretalleri Courtship and Marriage

[quote]Five years after his coronation, on Di'Tennajommë in the year 631.20 NL, our Pale Imperator, His Eminence, Mithan a'Callan, with a bangle made of raven ivory professed his romantic affection for his Prince of Ravens Leýtnë a'Dovyndë on the steps of the Grand Rookery's Eyrie to the thunderous applause of the citizens of the Ivory City.   The deep and meaningful bond between the Imperator and His right-hand man has been the subject of great admiration and intrigue to the people of the empire. Though private individuals, the Imperator and His heart have made no secret of the growing romance between the two of them. Today brings an end to half a decade of speculation as to when the Imperator would begin His courtship of His Prince of Ravens after having married his Prince of Lances just three lengths after his coronation.   Later this length, the Twin Courts are expected to make a joint declaration in support of the burgeoning relationship as the Ladies Superior of the Court of Crows have often spoken to the existing asymmetry in the Imperial Trinity over the last handful of years. Though it may be too soon to think of the future, the people of the empire are already asking: when will the wedding be?|The Songbird, NL   Tretalleri courtships are notorious for their length among the shorter-lived races. The notion that two people can be involved in a courtship for two decades or longer is nigh-unthinkable to the Races of Man, particularly the erián. But this state of affairs is the result not just of the long lives that the tretâllë lead, but also a cultural history that has emphasized marriage and commitment for love rather than political ends.


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