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Ivory City

Di'Ifatallë Cilthë in Tretalleri, the Ivory City is the gleaming heart of the Dominion. Nestled in De'Tâllë Naborra, the Forest of Bones, the Ivory City is easily one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world of Sekhar. It plays host to a number of vital structures and institutions of the Dominion.   At the heart of the city are the Imperial Citadel, the The Grand Rookery, and the Imperial Palace, the three most important structures in all of the Dominion, housing the Prince of Lances, the Prince of Ravens, and the Pale Imperator respectively. The city plays host to Tillana, the premiere academic institute of arts and science in the Dominion, as well.   The Ivory City has endured for thirty thousand years and although it has been the battlefield for a number of bloody civil wars in the Dominion's distant past, only echoes of the travesties that have occurred at its doorstep remain in the modern day. Over the years, its many districts have sprawled out into the forest surrounding it and yet the environmental impact has been relatively low. In fact, it is not uncommon to see wild creatures walking the streets at the outskirts of the Ivory City as there are entire thickets that have been subsumed by the borders of the city.
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