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Sabre of Captain Rosalind Abigail Oak

Stabby stabby slice

Originally the sabre belonged to Captain Peter James Jacobson, well not originally originally. But he was the owner before it came into Rose her possesion. Rose got it after Peter died a honest inheritance.

Whos it was before it was Peter's Rose did not know, how did he even get it in the first place? Probably liberated it by way of piracy from some pour soul. It didn't matter much.

It wasn't even a real sabre, but more a cutlass. It was just seventy centimeters long. A single sharp edge, ending in a point. With a square spine and a single broad fuller. The blade didn't have the width and weight you'd expect when it is named a cutlass. It weight just 500 grams. And the hilt was shaped like you'd expect a sabre hilt to be shaped, a single bar as knuckle protection, not the full cup protection a cutlass is well known for.

The blade is made of polished carbon steel, strong, springy and the edge razor sharp. The hilt is made of brass, and doesn't have any decorations. The sheath is black leader and even more plain then the blade.

But to Rose it held sentimental value. After she started sailing with the Pirate crew of the Narwhal and she started her relationship with Peter, it was on the beach of their regular hideout he showed her how to use it. Peter had learned how to fence in highschool, Rose never had such education, but she enjoyed it and soon became quit handy with the small blade. That suited her body size much beter then Peter.

Together they trained regularly, mostly for fun, it was of no use for their pirating career. Pistols and rifles where their prefered tools of the trade.

Occasionally Peter used the sabre to scare some boaters in to coörporating with their pirate business, or to cut a line with some show. And after Rose was elected captain of the Narwhal she didn't do much more with the sabre either. And if you didn't think to much on how often the blade was cleaned it was an excellent cheese knife too.

It wasn't untill The Victory Ball Rose had to use the blade in earnest. Peter was gone for a long time already, and she had occasionally sparred with some of the crew, but hadn't seen a trainned opponent since peter. During the ball Rose had to fight with the young drunk lieutenant Stijn, whome she bested. But even in that fight the blade didn't taste blood, it only met another blade.

Small Naval Cutlass
Current Holder
Previous Holder
Peter James Jacobson

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Dec 7, 2023 01:21 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

An excellent cheese knife! :D   The last line makes me wonder if the blade will ever get to taste blood.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 10, 2023 19:46 by Bart Weergang

It does, I think. Somewhere is another fight where Rose has to use her blade, but I couldn't find it XD.